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Nordlandblog - Business

All possibilities and services at a glance

  • Blogger Press Releases - with detailed reporting on the blog and in addition to current real-time marketing on our social media channels
  • Reviews / Product Tests / Sponsoring - for all products and offers we stand behind and which also offer our readers an informative added value
  • Promotion for accommodations / tours / activities
  • Production of text content and reportage for media, websites, blogs and magazines
  • Publishing of free guest contributions, which must however in each case to our content topics fit (back link is presupposed)
  • Advertorials - basically with a mark as "Sponsoring Post" and only with NoFollow Links
  • Classic photography drone shots - for use in your media (a license purchase is not in the way, talk to us)
  • Lectures and workshops about our travels and the development of our blog
  • Temporarily takeover and editorial support of your / your SocialMedia channels
All our articles are basically - according to our code - authentic and honest. Transparency is very important to us, because credibility is our highest asset. Therefore, every kind of advertising is marked.

References of successful cooperations

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

We also like to refer to affiliate links as referral links.
Therefore, we recommend on our blog various products and services that we are enthusiastic and we like to use or use.
In principle, we only recommend offers from reputable and well-known providers. In addition, these recommendations must basically fit into our blog content, because no reader of a travel blog wishes flashing advertising of an online casino ...

If you buy or book something through one of these links, we will only receive a small commission. That's why you do not have to pay anymore and nothing else will change for you. So if you want to support our work this way is a pretty awesome thing.

For the rest, we like Bolle when someone orders or books through one of our links / logos. For us this is the "reward" and a huge "thank you" for our work.

(Transparency: The logos are linked to the commercial offerings of the respective brand owner / provider, so if you buy something or book an offer, we will get a small commission and you will not pay a cent anymore.)

readers opinions

A small selection of more than 60 recommendations and great reviews on Facebook:

The blog inspires, inspires and makes, at least me, incredibly jealous. One would like to get into the van of Sirko and Conny immediately and share the experiences with them. I am totally jealous when I read all the great and lovingly written travelogues and then these beautiful pictures ... I'm always speechless. Without this blog it would have cost me much more time and nerves to plan our trip to Southern Norway in November. You can always ask the two questions and they always try to find the right answers and they are fast and totally friendly. I'm really thankful for the blog. Thank you for making such an effort !!!
, (Facebook) Ta Mi , (Facebook)

Great, loving, helpful and open-minded people! Gave us great spots for Lofoten while we met them live! Through the photographs and reports you even travel through the countries, even though you are sitting on the sofa at home! Thank you for your great work!
, (Facebook) Camilla , (Facebook)

A great and very informative site. Nice to experience Norway so close. Thanks, for the great contributions, etc. Follow you very much.
, (Facebook) Bo , (Facebook)

I'm planning my next northern trip and you're really helping. Great site, great photos and great tips. Keep it up...
, (Facebook) Alex , (Facebook)

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All relevant data can - read by a Google Analytics screenshot - in our MediaKit read or downloaded. In addition, we share these metrics in the recognized portal Similarweb HERE , which is linked to our Google Analytics account.

Beyond these channels, we also reach out to other readers via popular blog portals and other networks such as Flipboard, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing and Tumblr. We can consistently point to an above-average interaction rate, relevance and reach in the respective target groups. You would like to know more about the crucial KPIs of our blog or would like to know why the Nordlandblog is the perfect partner for your project? Then download our current media kit as a file by clicking on the following picture.
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Our options are your chances

We advise you on the way to your own successful blog or other projects in the online area - from strategy to implementation.
If desired, we structure, design and supervise your website (s) and / or your social media channels - from content to editors to marketing.
Our service package:

  • Care development and expansion of your social media accounts
  • Professional content creation including professional pictures and optimized texts for your online presence
  • Creation of a customized and individual website based on WordPress
  • Consulting and coaching as support and support in the environment of your online activities
  • Providing the production of professional video content for every requirement and every target group
  • Arranging programming and graphic services


Conception, layout, design and content editorial support of the new homepage of the Northern Europe magazine "NORDIS" (2019)

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