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In our blog, we take you into the magical and unique world of the North: From the miles of beaches of the Danish North Sea coast to the archipelago of the Swedish Baltic Sea coast, continue along the fjords of Norway on the Atlantic up to the north - far beyond the Arctic Circle is our virtual journey. We travel with you into the seemingly endless forests of Finland, visit the geysers and glaciers of Iceland and cross on the way there the Faroe Islands, which are lost in the North Atlantic. The green island of Ireland with its thousands of cliffs, from which it is not far to the Highlands and the imposing castles of Scotland, offers an exciting contrast.

The north of Europe has a special, almost magical appeal for us - whether in the short intense summers in the light of the not setting midnight sun or in the freezing cold winters under the green dancing polar lights. We want to share this unique magic of the North with you and show you the most beautiful sides of the North.

Our vision and our mission at the same time is to develop the Nordland Blog into a high-quality, informative and inspiring online magazine on photography, outdoor, camping and travel in Northern Europe, to become your "compass for the North".

If you accompany and support us in this project with your critical feedback, signing up to our newsletter or otherwise, we are very grateful.


It starts again...
In the summer of 2016 we created our first homepage "www.norwegen-fotografie.de". This originally private project was an incredibly great experience, because since then we could and can write the constant wanderlust of the soul. With the following incredibly positive and enormous response to our little blog, we had never expected. So we quickly came to our limits with the technical base, Norway suddenly seemed too small and the topics somehow set too tight. Supported and encouraged by many friends was then quickly the idea for this project, born to our Nordlandblog.

In 2017, it was time for us to start again. The Nordland blog went online on a new Wordpress page in July and has since (hopefully) been more than just another travel blog. Here you will find the reports, experiences and pictures of our trips as well as many recommendations, guides, information and tips, so that you can prepare your own trip perfectly - almost your online travel guide for the North.

Since the end of 2018, our hobby has now become our profession.

The road is the destination on our road trip.

We love what we do and especially traveling with our van, endless photo sessions in the incredible light of the North and all outdoor activities in the vast nature. Therefore, you will find many impressions, inspirations and suggestions as well as direct assistance on these topics. Pitches for your motorhome, photo points, attractions and many insider tips can be found in our blog as well as valuable own experiences from our trips.

About us...

Once again, if you spend more valuable time during a business trip in a traffic jam on the highway, an unfriendly airline employee once again tells you that the last machine of the day is overbooked and you increasingly realize that there must be something else in life As if rushing around and wasting your life in mostly obviously meaningless meetings, the crucial point is soon reached and at least the realization that something must change! You have to change something!

But every day you have equally good reasons not to do it and not leave your comfort zone (for the time being) until a dramatic experience changes everything. "We can not tell them how many more years they have left and, in particular, do not predict how long they will last will have their quality of life today "was the statement of the doctors after Connys serious illness and at the same time for us a decisive turning point in our lives.

With the song "Kein Rück" by Wolfsheim in the car radio and the quote "In every second of our lives we are free to throw everything over the pile to start anew" by Reinhard K. Sprenger, in the head it was clear: we want and have to still have some of our life, as long as it still works. So we have given up our "bourgeois" careers and financial security, much wondering to the point of incomprehension and have stepped out of our old lives - to embark on the adventure of travel bloggers, travelers, digital nomads, photographers and dropouts, thus to start again ....

Since then, we travel with our box car through the north of Europe, photograph a lot and like to meet many nice people in a new industry at the same time and now determine the scope, the workload and the content of our work. Which by the way has not become less - on the contrary. But it's more fun now ...

Do you want to know who is crazy ...? Then read on:

Conny does not really like her real name Cornelia, but the nature, flora and fauna in the north of Europe in particular .... Born 1978 in Thuringia, she is not only a creative author in her own blog but likes to photograph the animals on ours Traveling, mostly filming with her DJI Osmo and our drones, personally cuts all our video clips with great attention to detail and is happy to share her experiences (here and on our social media channels) with many readers. After a long illness, she gave up her career as Managing Partner of a consumer electronics store for this passion and the desire for a different, fulfilling life and has been living her dream ever since. In the meantime, it also helps small and medium-sized companies with all their online and social media activities, as it combines wonderfully and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Sirko, born 1968 in Brandenburg, loves the mentality of most Scandinavians but does not like it when one of our hikes leads us again on a steep abyss ... He is the author, techie and travel planner behind the scenes, is happy about that grandiose motive with the perfectly converted image and drives it for countless miles or waiting for a few hours on the right light, always hauls a lot of technical equipment (with him) around and is happy if our homepage is always up to date. For that go one or the other night and some euros for the latest plugins on it. At the same time as Conny, he gave up his job as Marketing and Sales Manager for a major retail chain for consumer electronics in order to build something new in a completely different industry after leaving the company, and at the same time turn his hobby into a career.


We are very proud that our commitment in 2019 was rewarded with the golden "Scandinavian Travel Award" in the category "Best Websites, Portals and Blogs" and that we were able to receive this prestigious award from the jury at the Essen Travel Fair.

The route is the goal

We travel a lot and in every season in Northern Europe, travel many miles every year, spend many weeks on very different road trips with our van "Morten" on the move and record many megabytes of pictures and videos every day:

Kilometers we covered with the van
Weeks we have been traveling in a van
We were allowed to experience road trips through Northern Europe
TB data with photos and videos are on the hard drives

Our trips and road trips

We have been regular since 2009 and traveled to Northern Europe as often as possible. In the meantime, we are traveling with our van in the north most of the year. The experiences, experiences and emotions of these tours we like to share with you in this blog:

  • Norway (2010 / Summer / Bed Breakfast / Sognefjord)
  • Norway (2010 / Autumn / Hut / Southern Norway)
  • Norway (2011 / Spring / Farm / Nordfjord)
  • Norway (2011 / summer / farm / Vestkysten)
  • Norway (2011 / Autumn / Hut / Telemark)
  • Norway (2011 / Christmas / Hotel / Oslo)
  • Norway (2012 / Spring / Bed Breakfast / Sognefjord)
  • Norway (2012 / Summer / Bed Breakfast / Sognefjord)
  • Norway (2012 / Autumn / Hut / Femundsmarka)
  • Norway (2012 / Christmas / Hut / Helgelandskysten)
  • Norway (2013 / Spring / Flight Car Roundtrip / Helgelandskysten)
  • Norway (2013 / summer / hut hiking Jotunheimen and Sognefjord)
  • Norway (2014 / Winter / Flight Passenger Tour / Tromsø and Lofoten)
  • Norway (2014 / Spring / Passenger Car Tour / Bergen and Vestkysten)
  • Norway (2014 / Summer / Bed Breakfast / Sognefjord)
  • Norway (2014 / Autumn / Hut / Femundsmarka)
  • Norway (2015 / Spring / Bed Breakfast / Sognefjord)
  • Norway (2015 / summer / hut hiking Breheimen Vestkysten)
  • Norway (2015 / winter / flight car tour in combination with Hurtigruten / Tromsø Lofoten)
  • Norway (2016 / Summer / Flight Car Round Trip / Senja Island and Tromsø)
  • Norway (2016 / winter / hut / Femundsmarka)
  • Norway (2017 / Spring / Hotel / South Coast)
  • Norway (2017 / summer / van round trip / Fjord Norway and Dovrefjell)
  • Norway (2017 Autumn / Panel Car Tour / Helgelandskysten)
  • Norway (2018 / Spring Summer / Van Tour / South Norway, Fjord Norway, Vestkysten)
  • Norway (2018 / Autumn / Van Round Trip / Lofoten, Vesterålen, Senja and Tromsø)
  • Norway (2019 / Summer Autumn / Van Tour / Oslo, Bergen, Hitra, Trondheim, Røros - on to Sweden
  • Denmark (2009 / Autumn / Hut / West Jutland)
  • Denmark (2014 / Christmas / Hut / West Jutland)
  • Denmark (2016 / Spring / Hut / North Jutland)
  • Iceland (2014 / Easter / Flight Passenger Tour / Reykjavik and South Coast)
  • Iceland (2019 / Spring / Panel Car Tour / Island Circulation and Westfjords)
  • Scotland (2018 / Summer / Van Tour / East West Coast and Inner Hebrides)
  • Faroe Islands (2019 / summer / van round trip / short tour over the different islands)
  • Finland (2019 / Autumn / Van Round Trip / Vaasa Road Trip - Finnish Lakeland - Helsinki)
  • Sweden (2019 / Autumn / Van Round Trip / From Norway through the Jämtland to Umea)

Nordlandblog publications

Reports, photos and articles by us are published more and more frequently in various publications, magazines, corporate blogs and brochures, of which we present a small selection here.

Success in competition

We are really grateful for these placements and the prizes we received - a nice confirmation and a real motivation to continue tapping our fingers and pulling off the camera in all weathers or dragging them to the mountains ...

Always on tour

"Every journey has an end, but the memory of it is everlasting."

(Author unknown)

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