Hike to Husfjellet (635 meters) on Senja in northern Norway


The hike up to Husfjellet (635m) on the island of Senja is a perfect tour for the whole family and offers unforgettable views over the coast in the north of Norway

The hike to Husfjellet, a high cliff on the island of Senja in the north of Norway, is a very rewarding and therefore recommended tour. After a reasonable effort, a phenomenal view of the coast of Norway's second largest island from the summit of the "Hausberg" is guaranteed.

Directions to the starting point of the hike on the island of Senja

Husfjellet is located on the northwest coast of Senja near the smaller towns of Skaland and Bøvær. Coming from road Fv 862, turn towards Skaland. Now follow the road until you reach the small town. The direct starting point of the hike to Husfjellet on Senja is a small parking lot next to the mountain church. If this is already occupied, you can alternatively park at the grocery store "JOKER".

Right at the parking lot next to the small church, we discover a blackboard with a map and helpful information about the tour.

Information board at the parking lot with further details and a map of this hike

On this informative table we learn, among other things, that Norway's Queen Silvia has walked this route many times and that this is why this tour is also called "Dronningstien" ("Queen Way"). Hike in the royal footsteps - with this beautiful thought we set off! For the first few meters, a narrow path leads us past low trees and bushes before we soon follow a wide forest path.

A short time later, you have the option of leaving this tractor path, turning left onto a simple path and following this (actual) shortcut. This alternative should only be used if it is / was dry, because the path leads through swampy areas. Since the two paths meet again anyway, we decide to continue the somewhat longer but comfortable forest path.

This path leads gently but continuously upwards. In this way, we soon reach two communal shelters that can be used by all hikers in accordance with the law on everyone. After leaving the two open shelters behind us, the path continues a few hundred meters as a steeper path through a forest area with small birches towards Husfjellet.

From time to time, smaller markings or signposts indicate the direction, as here at the transition to the forest area with the birch trees (picture above). The path is no longer marked by the birch grove. Nevertheless, the path can be recognized consistently and therefore it is no problem to follow it.

After we leave the grove above the tree line, we see for the first time the full color of the heather that lies ahead of us. We are on this tour in the second half of October and especially in autumn it is an unforgettable experience to hike in the Norwegian "Fjell".

So we enjoy every meter of our hike. The clear air, the warming autumn sun and these incredible colors of the northern Norwegian plateau keep us pausing and amazed.

We will soon reach the Sommardalen plateau at 327 meters, from which you have a first magnificent view over to Bergsfjorden and Bergsøyene. A sign for the Sommardalen, a signpost and the letter box with the obligatory summit book mark the 327 meter high point of the plateau, which we have now reached. We write down the book, take a short breath and enjoy the great view in the sunlight before we continue.

From now on, the top of Husfjellet is always in sight. From here it is still about 300 meters to overcome. But before that, it's a little bit downhill, through very humid and muddy areas. A bog in the middle of the plateau is a challenge here.

The wooden boards laid out to fasten the path are of little use here - they sink into the mud with us. After leaving this section behind, our hiking boots felt a kilogram heavier, so they were soaked with water.

The last meters of altitude are coming up and meter by meter the view becomes more spectacular. Some peaks in the area are already lightly swept with the first snow of the year and shine even more in the warm light of the autumn sun.

The last climb is not really noticeable anymore, the view is so fascinating. We are not interested in the fact that the path is getting rockier and that we are already partly walking in the snow.

On the last stretch, however, we have to be more careful, since the snow has already partially crumbled here and we walk very close to the cliff. The snow is getting deeper and the slope along the steep cliff means that hiking here is not without danger. We therefore try to stay as far away from the edge as possible. It's a shame that we didn't take our hiking poles with us. Especially here in the snow, they would give us a little more security.

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But we finally made it without hiking poles and after about two hours we are in an unreal setting. The sun is now lower and the colors of the landscape appear much stronger. The view almost takes our breath away.

Wherever you look - this panorama is simply beautiful. In the distance you can see, among other things, the gigantic teeth of the devil. The famous rock chain from up here looks like a miniature edition.

In the east, however, the sloping peaks of the Litjebrusen and Storbrusen, which shine in this unreal light, impress. Between these majestic mountain ranges you can see the deeply cut fjords, which are mostly already in the shade.

The water color of the Ersfjord and Steinfjord almost spreads some Caribbean flair in the Nordic cold.

You don't want to go back, the view is too beautiful!

But it is already late and the sun will soon set. After our compulsory photo session, we set off and hike back through an autumn landscape in which the colors shine competitively ...

The tour starts quite moderately along a forest path. The slope only increases significantly when you leave this section. Sometimes you hike through marshy areas, so weatherproof footwear is highly recommended.

This hike is suitable for the whole family. The hike should not be a problem for dogs either.

ATTENTION : Take care of your children! The last few meters along the cliff are not without danger. The terrain around the summit is also extremely steep and there are no barriers.

Tour facts:
  • Route: about 7 kilometers from the starting point of the hike and back there (complete route)
  • Time: 3 to a maximum of 5 hours distance + breaks
  • Best time for this tour: June - October
  • Official difficulty rating of this tour according to Norwegian criteria according to the information board at the parking lot: "middels" (blue)
  • Parking: The starting point is in the small town of Skarland at the small mountain church. If the small parking lot is occupied, you can also park at the "JOKER" grocery store.
  • We stayed at the "Golden Toilet" directly along the Norwegian landscape route on Senja

You can get an overview of the different levels of difficulty of hiking in Norway and the importance of the classifications in our detailed article on "Hiking in Norway".

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