Hiking in Northern Norway: the romantic Kvalvika Bay in Lofoten


One of the most beautiful hikes on the Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway leads to the secluded Kvalvika Bay with the white sandy beach

Kvalvika Bay - a true pearl in Lofoten

The hike to Kvalvika Bay is rightly one of the most popular tours in Lofoten. After all, after the relatively easy hike, a romantic bay with a chalk-white sandy beach, surrounded by mighty mountains and in front of it the infinite expanse of the Atlantic, whose water shimmers here as in the Caribbean. A perfect film set!

The special thing is that this beautiful beach can only be reached on foot or by boat. The view of Kvalvika, which is very romantic between the pointed mountains, is an unforgettable sight and an invaluable reward for this hike.

We park in the second parking lot at FV 808 behind Fredvang

The first route is via the European route E 10 to Fredvang. After leaving the E 10 and crossing the two impressive bridges, turn left and cross the village of Fredvang. Follow the FV 808 a little further until after a short time you have reached the small parking lot for the hike on the left side of the street. The parking lot has space for 10-15 vehicles, depending on how big they are.

If the first official parking lot at the starting point of the hike is already occupied, you should not park along or next to the narrow street. The police make regular checks here. We drove about 500 meters, where there is another parking lot that offers enough space (see picture / parking lots are linked to Google Maps)

After a few stairs you pass a muddy piece on these wooden planks

We first follow the road for about 500 meters, back to the actual starting point of the tour at the first parking lot. This is where the marked and paved path to Kvalvika begins, which we are now following. The path leads us up a small stone staircase up the hill in front of us.

Then the path leads over wooden planks, as this area can be swampy after rainfall. Nevertheless, you should generally be wearing weatherproof shoes, because the planks can sometimes sink into the mud.

After the open piece with the wooden planks, the ascent leads us through a small forest

We follow the well-trodden path that is easy to recognize and therefore cannot be missed. The signage of the path gives us additional security. After the section on the wooden planks, it then goes steadily uphill through a small forest.

After about 15 minutes you have a clear view above the trees and can see the view over the Torsfjorden in front of Fredvang for the first time. We continue north towards the mountain ridge in front of us, which separates us from the Kvalvika bay. Since the path runs between two mountains, the route is not particularly strenuous and is also perfect for families.

The ridge above Kvalvika Bay that we have to cross

After about 40 minutes we reach the ridge above the bay and enjoy the breathtaking view down to the beach for the first time. Here we take a break for a few minutes with the mighty view of the Atlantic before we begin the descent on the other side.

What a view…? We have reached the ridge and are almost speechless

The path that descends steeply from here is pretty smooth due to the rain of the past few days. Since there is nothing to stop, this section is unfortunately not entirely safe in these weather conditions. The further we scramble down the path, the more the view opens over the white beach. Madness! This bay is definitely one of the most beautiful that we have seen so far.

View of the beautiful beach of Kvalvika Bay

The last few meters down we give each other support and are happy when we finally reach the beach. Done!

View over the Kvalvika beach to the top of the Ryten

After the approximately one-hour hike, we now walk almost alone on this dream beach, watch the high waves and walk past the grassy dunes to find a sheltered picnic area for us at the back end of the beach.

Kvalvika Bay is actually a little paradise. After we have found a dream place for ourselves, we look forward to a cup of tea and our "Matpakke" (too good German "provisions package"). The waves of the sea are constantly rolling in with indescribable power - an Eldorado for surfers. This is roughly how we imagine Hawai - just a few degrees warmer….

The surf in Kvalvika Bay is extremely fascinating that day

After our break we actually want to climb along the cliffs into the neighboring bay west of Kvalvika. Although the way over the rocks is secured with a rope, unfortunately we have to give up the project after a short time. The waves are too high, the stones are wet and slippery, so our plan is too dangerous. A little disappointed, we cancel our project.

To do this, we set out to look for another highlight in this bay: a few years ago, two Norwegian surfers built a hut out of rubbish and beach goods between the rocks and lived there for 9 months in winter. This small hut, a kind of hobbit cave, by Inge Wegge and Jørn Nyseth Ranum, can still be found on the beach today and can even be used. Out of gratitude for the great time in the bay, far away from civilization, the two of them left their hut so that it can be lived in at any time as a refuge or for dropouts.

In the hut of the two surfers in the Kvalvika bay in Lofoten

Her adventures from that time are now filmed in the successful work “North oft the sun”. Here you can watch the trailer for this terrific film:

North of the sun teaser from Weggefilms on Vimeo .

We find the hut, well hidden, between some rocks on the beach and are fascinated. Do you know the film "Into the Wild" (

Reflections in the clear autumn air on the Torsfjorden near Fredvang

The beach in Kvalvika Bay has become a popular place for all outdoor enthusiasts. Many use this wonderful place to camp to enjoy the magic of the area - far from any civilization. The beach is almost at ground level and is therefore perfect for pitching a tent. Next to the path that leads up to the Ryten summit, there is a small stream from which drinking water can be taken. We also found a lot of driftwood to make a warm fire in the evening.

In recent years, this wonderful beach has developed into a popular wild camping area in Lofoten. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the silence, space and tranquility here in the off-season.

The tour is characterized by a short, not so strenuous ascent on a well-marked path. However, the descent to the beach is a little steeper and you should be very careful when it is wet. At the destination you will be rewarded with a fairytale-like beach like in a picture book. The hike has become quite popular, so that at least in the high season you will meet some like-minded people.

This tour is suitable for the whole family and can be easily walked with a dog. Good footwear is a prerequisite! Hiking sticks are not absolutely necessary, but are particularly beneficial for the descent.

You can get an overview of the different levels of difficulty of hiking in Norway and the importance of the classifications in our detailed article on "Hiking in Norway".

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  • Hi you 2

    okay, only represent tours you have experienced yourself is a reasonable attitude.

    Exactly, I mean the tour that (we did it clockwise) comes out one more west on the beach, where the small lake is right on the beach. When the tide is low, you can go cross-country skiing down on the beach, otherwise you just have to go a bit above the slope, there is a path and a small climbing passage, secured with a rope.

    At the starting point on the street there are some parking spaces and you can quickly find a ride that will take you back to the car at the end. Otherwise you just have to walk back about 3km on the road.


    • Hey Christian,

      Many, many thanks for your kind answer and the further details of this obviously exciting tour. This definitely belongs on our list when we are back on top. As detailed as you describe the route, it is almost enough for a guest post in our blog ... 🙂

      Thanks again and best regards,

      Conny and Sirko

    • Hi,

      that's an idea 😉
      I also have enough photos, qualitatively not quite like yours, but okay, I would say.


  • Hi,

    I've done the hike twice, one of the absolute highlights on the Lofoten Islands for me.

    But you should already include the note (on the map) that the tour can be done very well as a round tour. Up one pass, down to the beach, along the beach (possibly with the small climbing insert, which is not entirely without) and back over the other mini-pass. I found the other corner of the beach even more beautiful, there were very few people, but very friendly sheep and a lot of picturesque beach goods.

    Greetings from Berlin

    • Hey Christian,

      First of all, thank you very much for your lovely comment and valuable advice. On the round trip you mean the path over the rocks, along the rope, which we broke off ... Unfortunately, the autumn storms with the corresponding waves did not allow us to make any other decision. But this tour is still on our ToDo list and we are happy to publish an update of our post. Until then, we would like to leave it at the current description, which we actually went ourselves and can therefore describe from our own experience. But your comment is an even stronger motivation for us to go the round you described.

      Thank you very much for that. Greetings to Berlin,

      Conny and Sirko

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