Fotopoint: Storsteinen - Fantastic view of Tromsø


Another attractive and popular hotspot with countless views and impressive motifs for an extensive photo session invites: The unforgettable view from the mountain Storsteinen on the city Tromsø

Anyone who has visited the local mountain of Tromsø, the "Storsteinen", is likely to come back again and again. That's how it was with us. The unforgettable view of the largest city in Northern Norway captivates you magically.

From the 421 meter high mountain you look down on the island of Tromsøya and the surrounding mainland. From here you have a fantastic view of the Arctic Cathedral as well as the arches of Tromsø and Sandnessund Bridge. The view of the island of Kvaløya with the alpine mountain range in the background completes the incredible panorama. No wonder that this motif can be seen in numerous brochures and on many postcards - it is a classic.

View from the mountain Storsteinen on the city Tromsø

The cable car Fjellheisen, which only takes about 5 minutes, goes up to the mountain all year round. Since 1961, the cable car is now in operation and has since brought countless visitors to the mountain station. It is also possible to reach the Storsteinen on foot. There are several ways - from steep to moderate - for which you should plan on the average but always an hour's walk. Especially in summer, in the midnight sun, the climb is certainly a highlight.

You can park directly in front of the Fjellheisen cable car. In the high season, however, the parking can be scarce ever. The parking lot is chargeable and can be flexibly used / paid with the EasyPark app. For sleeping in the motorhome this place is not suitable. You should look for a parking space on the surrounding islands.

Such color plays are typical at this time of the year

Already from the viewing platform at the mountain station of the cable car you have a beautiful panoramic view over the imposing city north of the Arctic Circle. But if you go a little further southwest along the ridge along the fence, you get a much better view of the scenery. From a rocky outcrop - about 150 meters from the top station - the panorama opens perfectly over the whole city.

When the weather is nice, it is worthwhile to explore the area and, for example, to the "Fløya", which is 1.1 kilometers away. Here are many more photo opportunities.

The view of snowy peaks to the midnight sun

The view over the city looks especially beautiful at sunset, or just after dark. When there are many lights in the city, the whole scenery has something magical about it. At the time of the midnight sun, it sets behind the city after midnight - a great motif in a very special light.

The highlight in winter is a stay with starry skies, lots of snow on the mountains and with a little luck dancing northern lights on the horizon. But even the time of dusk, which starts in winter around 2:00 pm, offers great lights, colors and motifs. In the morning and at lunchtime, however, the light is usually not so optimal.

Magical cloud games over Tromsø in the middle of the night (at the time of the midnight sun)

Right here you'll find this hotspot for your photo session:

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