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The participation in competitions of the website Nordlandblog as well as the affiliated and permanently connected social media channels is possible to the below mentioned conditions of participation and competition rules.
By participating in the raffle the participant accepts these explicitly. The statutory provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. In the case of individual, invalid terms of participation or competition rules, the other guidelines remain valid.

    Eligible for participation is any adult aged 18 and above who is primarily resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, another country of the European Union and Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Great Britain and Switzerland. Participation in Nordlandblog competitions is free.
    The participants will incur no additional costs.
    Each person may only participate once in the raffle. A multiple participation (eg by giving different names or e-mail addresses) is not permitted and automatically leads to exclusion from the raffle when it becomes known.
    The participant undertakes not to divulge any unlawful content and assures that he holds all rights to the content he shares (in particular any image rights).
  • Competition procedure: The competitions take place exclusively on as well as on the connected and permanently connected social media channels.
    Replies sent after the closing date are excluded from the competition.
    The competition starts with the publication date and ends as indicated in the respective case.
    Among all participants, the lot decides by ensuring the random principle.
    The raffle of the prize will take place in the specified period directly on the Nordland Blog and / or on our permanently connected social media channels.
    In the case of winning, Nordlandblog (represented by Cornelia Trentsch) needs the correct first and last name and the winner's address for sending the prize.
    If the person does not report back within seven days of the profit notification, the claim to the prize is void. Material profits are not paid in cash and are excluded from exchange.
    Profits can not be transferred to third parties. There is no warranty or guarantee on the profits. The legal process is excluded.
    The participant agrees that the name, submitted photos or pictures may be published and used on the website: and the affiliated social media presences.
  • Privacy: Personal data of participants, which are registered in the context of the competitions (eg first name, last name, address, e-mail address), are collected, processed and used exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the raffle. Information about the storage of data is explained in our privacy policy . ! The participant has no rights of access.
  • Cancellation / suspension of the raffle: The website Nordlandblog (represented by Cornelia Trentsch) reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the raffle if it is aware of any manipulation or if the raffle is no longer properly executed. This applies in particular to the failure of hardware or software, program errors or unauthorized interventions by third parties (eg computer viruses) or if there are legal problems.
    In addition, the organizer of the raffle reserves the right to adjust the raffle, to change if necessary.
  • Exclusion of participants: The website Nordlandblog as well as the affiliated and permanently connected social media channels (represented by Cornelia Trentsch) reserves the right to exclude participants from participation and to delete them if they violate the conditions of participation or the competition rules.
    Participants who manipulate the raffle (eg by participating with multiple e-mail addresses or with multiple names) are excluded from participation in the raffle when they become known.
    Profits can also be subsequently revoked and any already delivered profits can be reclaimed on becoming aware of a fraud or manipulation attempt.
    The misuse of third-party names / e-mail addresses always leads to exclusion from the raffles.
  • Disclaimer: The competitions are organized exclusively by Cornelia Trentsch the site operator of
    The winnings will be made available to the organizer of the competition partners.
    The raffles are otherwise unrelated to other companies or people and not to social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram. The recipient of the data and information provided by the participants and thus the contact person and responsible person is solely the site operator of All questions, comments or complaints about the competition must therefore be addressed to .
  • Disclaimer: The organizer of the competition, ie the site operator of is not liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from participation in the action or the unavailability of the Internet server, unless they are due to gross negligence or deliberate action attributable to the organizer.
    Legal recourse is therefore excluded.

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