Wigand and the Christmas miracle - A Christmas story from Norway


In this heart-touching story from wintery Norway, you'll learn how three droll Nisse save Christmas for Wigand ...

Wichtel or Nisse, as they are called here in the far north, are in contrast to the trolls of mostly very tall tall, but still much smaller than humans. They always have a red pointed hat and wooden shoes. Many Norwegians say they have never seen a Nisse and some do not even understand what the Nisse are and even though they are omnipresent. Here in the far north of Europe there are many different Nisse. There are, for example, the households that live with you at home, the forests that clean up the forest and the Christmas events; like Beng, Odd and the big Colbeinn, of which this little story is supposed to act.

When winter comes to the lonely Hålandsdal in the north, a long dark time begins for Freia and Thore. You must know, so high in the north, the woman Sun then takes another path across the sky. Especially when the cold storms come from the islands at the North Pole, they freeze terrible and always takes a shortcut, so as not to catch a cold.

These few hours, in which the sun can be seen, the two siblings now use to play in the high snow and build caves. Often they also run on their birch legs (skis) out into the woods around Lake Gjønavatn; always accompanied by their two dogs Bjarkana and Frigga, which protect them from wild animals. But when the sun slowly disappears behind the mountains, the children are called back.

Then her mother blows a horn from her home yard, so that the children hear that they are now to come out of the woods and valleys back into their home, where cakes and biscuits are waiting for them. At home, when the candles are lit and the stove gives warmth, the children lie down to sleep and dream of Christmas Eve, which will come soon.

And while they are sleeping, Santa Claus is already busy bustling at the North Pole. At his huge ice-cream desk he reads the children's letters and gives handwritten notes to the many waiting gnomes, who read them immediately, giggling and disappearing. There is a lot of coming and going in Santa's office and yet this year he looks more worried than usual. Something is very busy and many of the little gnomes are whispering and wondering what it might be like.

Days pass, the gnomes run back and forth and bring the note written by Santa Claus in the innumerable little houses, which are hidden between the snow-capped peaks of the mountains and the ice-capped fjords. An unbelievably industrious bustle of red pointed caps, which scurry over ice and snow, bumping now and then, but after they have apologized, they immediately slip on their clogs and slide on their feet again.

When the morning of the 23rd of December arrives and all the presents for the many children out there are packed and ready to be removed, Santa's face becomes very dark. He walks back and forth in front of his icy desk mumbling incomprehensible things in his white long beard. The last three gnomes look at each other. They are at a loss.

Only a single letter is still on the table, open, but long ago he should be in the big box with the number 2018. Suddenly, Santa Claus stops and looks at Beng, Odd and Kolbeinn for a long time before saying, "It's up to you to save Christmas." The three startle and look at each other. Only the eyes, which are barely visible under the pointed caps, move. "Yeah, yeah, good," Beng stammers. "How exactly?" - "You have to go to the big city in the west, which lies on the northern route between the seven mountains.

There you have to find a man who listens to the name Wigand and brings him to his family at the farm Sonnenacker in Hålandsdal. His children have wished that he is with them for Christmas. He is still in the big city. Get going quickly now! "Replies Santa.

Without much explanation, he pushed the three out of his house in the direction of the main square where the reindeer sled stood. He lifted her into one of them and said they have 24 hours to do it. As a small help, he gave Odd a tiny bag of dust and advised him to use it wisely as soon as they found Wigand. Then he whispered something in the earliest reindeer's ear and suddenly, huiii, the journey of the three companions began.

The Lord Moon had already taken its place in the sky and the northern lights of the north dipped the journey of Beng, Odd and Kolbeinn in deep green light. And while the waters of the Arctic Ocean danced below, the three, wrapped in reindeer skins, sat in the sleigh pulled by eight reindeer, chasing the sea, the northern road, and the big city to the west.

Only a few hours later they reached the land and shortly thereafter they saw the roofs of that big city in the west. The streets were lit and many people were on the way. Wagons and animals stood and drove on the partly snow-covered streets. Boats came or lay in the harbor and busy people unloaded their goods to sell them in the big market of the big city. Many no huts stood there and in them stood men and women and offered their goods for sale. So did Wigand, who sold small carved wooden figures and spoons and other items at a small stand on the edge of the market.

Wigand was actually a farmer and in summer he always had a lot to do at his farm in Hålandsdal, but when the summer came to an end and the harvest had started, he also found time to pursue his little hobby of carving. Granted, it was not so much a hobbyhorse as a need to raise some money in the winter. He also usually sold everything in time to be back home with the family for Christmas. But this year, the business did not go very well and he did not have enough money to buy gifts for his wife and children.

So one day before Christmas he was still sitting in the market in the big city in the west hoping to reach the family in time. But people passed by. Few were interested in the delicate figures, carved from wood from trees as old as humanity itself. Beng, Odd, and Kolbeinn watched the situation for a while and discussed how to solve the problem.

The fat Kolbeinn had an idea. He saw a very obese and apparently rich merchant strolling through the stalls. He was wrapped in a coat of bearskin and his head was adorned with a cape made of the fur of a polar fox. Kolbeinn asked Odd for the little bag he had received from Santa Claus and jumped off the sled, which was hidden behind a gable. But now Kolbeinn was not necessarily very athletic and so he landed on his four letters in the middle of several horses, which jumped excitedly apart. Good only that he could hide quickly and was not discovered.

When the situation calmed down, he hurried between barrels, horse-drawn carriages and stalls until he came near the fat merchant. In an unobserved moment he jumped on the back of his shoulder, blew some of the dust in his face and whispered something in his ear. The man started, but as soon as Kolbeinn was on his shoulder, he was gone. The man looked around, coughed something and then went on his way. But Kolbeinn himself reached the sledge again and together they saw how the man reached Wigand's stand and stopped.

The eyes of the three of them grew larger and smaller under their pointed caps when they saw the merchant leaving all the goods the Wigand had put in a sack and leaving Wigand, who in turn could hardly believe his luck. Stunned, he stood holding a pile of money while he watched the rich man. But soon he became aware of his luck, grabbed his belongings and ran what was left to his accommodation. Along the way, he bought all sorts of toys, fabrics, candles and other things that are needed in the home and that would make his wife and children happy.

He knew he had little time to reach his loved ones before the evening of December 24, and therefore spurred his horse. The road was long into Hålandsdal and soon, outside the big city in the west, the way became heavier and heavier. His horse failed. He had to leave it behind with a peasant and continue on his birch-legs. Luckily he was a practiced "Birkebeiner" and he made good progress.

His way led him past the windows of many other courtyards and he saw the families sitting by the fire together or decorating the "Juletre" by hanging it with biscuits or little straw dolls. More and more he became aware of how important it is to come home. There, where eagerly waiting for him. This idea of ​​home drove him even more and he gave everything.

He crossed frozen lakes and waded through waist-deep snow. But time was just as relentless, and he soon realized he would not be able to do it anymore. Tired, he rested in a shelter and was desperate. This was the moment when Beng, Odd and Kolbeinn, who had followed him at a safe distance, understood that it was up to them not to leave the desires of his children unfulfilled. They decided to reveal themselves to him.

Wigand's head was in his hands when he heard a noise. Somewhere a whistle came and suddenly this reindeer team appeared in front of the refuge from nowhere. Wigand was startled and slipped into the far corner of the hut. He did not see anyone sitting in this sidecar, but worse was the fact that it came from the air. He rubbed his eyes, thinking he was asleep when he heard a voice, "Wigand come! You have to travel with us, or you will not be able to do it anymore! "-" Who ... is he talking? "He stammered. "Come with us, Wigand, we'll bring you home. Do not worry, "it sounded again from the sled.

Wigand slowly approached the sled and tried to see something in the light of the small fire. Suddenly three small red pointed caps appeared at the edge of the sled and bobbed up and down. "Down here, Wigand!" Cried a voice and one of the pointed caps waved: "Come on in! We have little time. "Wigand looked down and approached with his face the little red pointed caps when someone blew something in his face. Wigand sneezed and went back a bit. He suddenly realized how tired he got. His legs became heavy and his eyes closed. He dropped to his knees and before he could fall asleep falling into the snow, six small but strong hands caught him and heaved him and his junk into the sledge.

"Huiii, let's go ahead!" Shouted soon after, and the sled climbed over the fjord and into the cold night sky along Hålandsdal. The moon shone the way and also the polar lights pointed in one direction only. It seemed as if everything went hand in hand and while Wigand found some rest from the arduous journey, the sleigh carried him home to his valley to his beloved ones, who were already waiting for him.

And indeed, soon the sled plunged into this dark valley with its lonely yard, crossed the lake Gjønavatn and landed not far from the farm Sonnenacker. Beng, Odd and Kolbeinn put Wigand on one of the reindeer skins in the snow and while Odd and Kolbeinn got back into the sled, Beng blew the rest of Santa's magic dust into his face.

Shortly thereafter, Wigand awoke and found himself at his farm again. Somewhat confused, he got up and looked around. Not far away he saw the lights of his house, heard his dogs bark, and then a ringing and roaring in the air. He looked up and saw in the light of the moon the team of Beng, Odd and Kolbeinn as it vanished to the north. Then he understood his luck and thankfully thanked them. Full of gratitude he seized his bags and sacks and opened the door to his house, where Freia and Thore, his wife Jorun, and the dogs Bjarkana and Frigga were already waiting for him in the warm room.

It was Christmas Eve in Hålandsdal and somehow a Christmas miracle ...

Thomas Villmannen

Norgesvenn, dreamer, traveler and a literary Saxon who has been home in Vestlandet, Norway, since 2013.

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