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A new star at the Norwegian thriller Himmel

Samuel Bjørk (Copyright: / Photo: Ahlander Agency)

Samuel Bjørks real name is actually Frode Sander Øien. He was born in 1969 in Trondheim. Under his pseudonym he is already known as a playwright as well as a singer and songwriter. At age 21 he wrote his first stage play and since then he has published six music albums and two novels.

"Angel Cold" his first thriller hit like a bomb. Unfortunately, in his opinion, with his second thriller, he could not build on the class of his debut as a crime writer.

Mia Kruger
A young policewoman - with a tremendous sense of humor. She has long black hair and "Norwegian" blue eyes. Mia was the best investigator in Munch's team many years ago - but after the death of her sister Sigrid, she has severe depression and would love to kill herself. But tracking down the "sick devils" and putting them behind bars leaves them behind.

Holger Munch
A plump commissioner, in his fifties, single, since his wife left him 10 years ago, which he still can not handle. He loves his daughter Miriam and his granddaughter Marion above all, but the relationship with his daughter was not always the best. The Commissioner manages to drive his team to excellence, even if it sometimes lags slightly behind the new technologies ... ..

The thriller in the overview and rating

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A walker finds in the Norwegian forest a dead girl, who was hung with a skipping rope on a tree and carries a sign around her neck: "I travel alone." Commissioner Holger Munch decides to assure himself of the help of his colleague Mia Krüger, whose nose unbeatable. He travels to the island of Hitra to pick her up. What Munch does not know: Mia has retreated there to kill herself. But when she sees the pictures of the dead girl, she discovers a detail that has been overlooked so far - and that suggests that it will not stay with the one victim ... Commissioner Munch investigates in his first case.

This book offers pure excitement, with a surprising and unexpected ending. Crime fans will love this book.
Clear conclusion: High addictive potential


From a youth hostel near Oslo a seventeen-year-old girl disappears. Some time later she is found dead in the forest - bedded on feathers, surrounded by a pentagram of lights and a white flower between her lips. The investigation by the team led by Commissioner Holger Munch and his colleague Mia Krüger are going around in circles until they are contacted by a mysterious hacker. He shows them a disturbing video that reveals new details about the fate of the girl. And on the edge of the pictures is the murderer, dressed as an owl - the bird of death ...

Unfortunately Bjork could not build on this book, in our opinion, to his first success. We found ourselves very difficult in the story. There is hardly a trace of tension on the first pages. The author finds it difficult to captivate his readers and immerse them in the story. On the contrary: The investigator Mia Krüger has only to do with himself and Munch is not right in the matter. The end of the story seems rather abstruse and not really comprehensible .... Let's hope that the third part gets better again and can build on the quality of "Engelskalt".

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