Lotte Søren Hammer "Lonely Hearts" - Crime from Denmark


Lotte Søren Hammer - Lonely Hearts

In a simple case, Commissioner Simonsen will start his reintegration after a heart attack. But the deadly staircase of the postman Jørgen Kramer Nielsen has numerous inconsistencies. In his research Simonen encounters a network of interwoven fates. And on the "club of lonely hearts", the six high school graduates 1969 had founded. They wanted to be cool, to belong. But in a cottage by the sea, where they buffed for the exams, the situation derailed. And the failed dreams of that time continue to take their toll. Curious?

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Lotte  Søren Hammer"Einsame Herzen" - Krimi aus Dänemark - Lotte  Søren Hammer, Kriminalroman, Dänemark - literatur - Although this is not the debut of the Denmark couple of authors (Lotte Hammer lives like her brother Søren Hammer in Frederiksvaerk), we first get to know her fictional character Kommissar Simones through the bestseller "Lonely Hearts". He successfully serves the common cliché Scandinavian investigators, after a heart attack in a certain sense crisis is stuck and (perhaps therefore) in this book also worked up his own past. This dispute between Simonsen and the late '60s has well intertwined the authors with the rest of the plot, as it also goes back to this one.

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The characters are described well and aptly. The story itself is told exciting and reads it well. Nevertheless, some details are missing for the "big hit". Some points in the storyline are illogical, unpredictable, or unrealistic. Maybe one of the reasons why this novel is rated in many relevant reviews even with only 3 - 4 stars .... In any case, one approaches in the course of the book well entertained the showdown, the resolution of the case, and then somewhat surprised to learn a somewhat idiosyncratic, at least surprising resolution, but somehow leaves you at a loss and confused. A reason for us to write this review deliberately with fourteen days time interval, to allow us an emotional distance. Conclusion: This book is a nice, good crime story - no more and no less. So (just like that) 4 stars!

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