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There are so many classic photo opportunities in Lofoten. These used to adorn countless picture postcards and brochures. Today you can find them in countless variations on the Internet. One of these views is the view of the old fisherman houses by the sea near Hamnøy in the west of Lofoten.

The actual motive is easy to find as well as to reach, because it is right next to the European road E 10. Nevertheless you have to be careful that you do not drive past it from the east, because the striking view is a bit hidden on the right side. On the other hand, there are usually other photographers on the bridge over the sound, just to capture exactly this image.

Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to this photo point here and recommend it, because there are some interesting details for a photo session in exactly this environment.

Another photo opportunity near Hamnøy, just a few minutes walk away

On the European route E 10 you can easily reach the fishing village Hamnøy on the island of the same name. The road here, in the west of the Lofoten, connects innumerable small islands and spars with the most different bridges. In this respect, it is worthwhile, with a corresponding weather forecast and taking into account the light conditions or the position of the sun, to allow plenty of time for photographing the imposing landscape.

For the classic motif with the view from the bridge over the Rorbuer (fishermen's houses) of Hamnøy, you should either park your car in the small village and walk up to the bridge or use the small open space at the fishpens right next to the European road. Incidentally, you could spend the night here in the off-season with the motorhome (as of 2019).

The details of this pitch can be found here:

Click here for all further information / facts / pictures and the detailed map of this camperplace

For the classic motif, one usually goes to the bridge of the European route, which allows the well-known view from an elevated position on the village. It is interesting, however, that a shift of one's own location by a few meters results in a massive change in perspective. In that sense, you should actually try a few positions until you are satisfied with the result.

In addition, you should not just focus on the "classic". If you follow the European route E 10 a bit on foot, there are more interesting views and motifs, as the first picture shows here. Also just a few meters away, where we also recommend to park or to stand with the motorhome, you can take in the opposite direction, also imposing Rorbuer of the neighboring island Sakrisøy. Here is an example of this:

The yellow rorbuer of Lofoten island Sakrisøy in the light of the morning sun

The optimal time is very difficult to name here. The motif works in its own way at different times and light conditions alike. In addition, of course, it should be noted that here - north of the Arctic Circle - at the different seasons also very different conditions prevail. The midnight sun in the summer certainly offers many opportunities to take beautiful pictures even late at night. In winter, however, the twilight on the day will offer as charming moods as the polar lights at night.

In general, we believe that this motif is more likely to be a more dramatic and less sunny weather constellation.

We took the following picture in the evening in the low light of the blue hour, after sunset, while the cover picture of this post was taken the following morning in the light of the morning sun.

View of the Rorbuer of Hamnøy - a classic photo opportunity in Lofoten

Facts / details about this photo point:

  • Season: All year round (January - December)
  • Accessibility: Easy on the European route E10 and then a piece on foot to the bridge
  • Best time of day: At or after sunset, possibly at night or in the early morning (depending on the season, Northern Lights forecast and weather)
  • Distance for a short tour with different perspectives and motives: About 1500 meters on foot
  • Recommended Technique: Tripod (for slower shutter speeds or in dim light for sunset or in the dark), wide-angle lens, grayshade filter (to give the clouds in the sky a dramatic look or to extend the dynamic range)
  • Security note: In Lofoten, bridges can lead to extreme storm gusts. In this respect, be careful in extreme weather conditions
  • Tip: In order to stabilize the tripod in the sometimes strong wind on the bridge, you should have something to complain about (for example, a photo backpack or similar)
  • Tip: Regardless of the classic motif, you should also take advantage of the alternative options and record, for example, the fishermen's houses of Sakrisøy in the opposite direction.
  • Photo point nearby: fishing village Reine (Lofoten)

Right here you'll find this hotspot for your photo session:

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