Emigrated to Norway: A rocky but rewarding way


Norway as destination ... The dream of many emigrants came true for me. In this series I would like to describe to you how it started for me.


"All men dream; but not in the same way. Those who dream at night, digging in the dusty corners of their thoughts, wake up to day to find out that it was only vanity; but dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they can see their dreams with open eyes and act so that they become possible. "

Whether one can speak of love, when it comes to a country, which is probably up to each person to grasp. Choosing the right word may vary and be dependent on your personal point of view, but eventually you feel connected to the plaice you grow up on. Memories, smells, the rooftops of the native city and the >

Countless Varden (stone pyramids) in Jotunheimen. A sea of ​​stones, in which I participated.

But what ties you to another, distant country? A country where one speaks a different >

Since time immemorial, people have been driven abroad from their homeland. Whether they were travelers, or went away forever is irrelevant. They left familiar things to discover something new. Among them are names like Alexander von Humboldt or James Cook. The first named, correct German emigrant was Franz Daniel Pastorius, who was allowed in 1683 to lead a group of German emigrants to the New World. He thus triggered one of the greatest migration movements of his time, which in the following decades hundreds of thousands moved to leave Germany. Hoping for another, better life, they stood on the planks of ships sailing west. What she expected, they usually did not know.

Today, however, it is much easier to move to the center of his life. A little preparation, >

A perhaps less well-known Norwegian proverb reads: "There is always a house between the fjord and the fjord." Well, a house was not an issue for me back in 2007. Norway, however, already. For some unknown reason, I found this land very attractive for some time. Whether it was the illustrated book on my parents' shelf or the documentary on TV - I do not remember. But everything at that time was about this country.

I was living in Bavaria during this time and the day work entrusted to me was so boring that I decided to have to do something spiritually. In the face of my never-ending enthusiasm, I began to learn Norwegian. A self-study course should do it and so began a development, which now lets me - while writing these words - sit in a small cafe in the western Norwegian city of Bergen.

The famous Vigelandpark in Oslo

Admittedly, I did not even think about emigrating at that time. That changed in 2009 when I left for Norway for the first time. Rather coincidentally, I first talked to a friend about Scandinavia. He owns an international sound insulation company and was working in Oslo at the time. I told him about my enthusiasm and he said, I should just come up. I can live with him for a while. Clearly, I had to use this opportunity and so it started a little later. All in all, I was in Oslo for three weeks. Not only did I have the opportunity to live in central sight of the Royal Palace and to explore the city, I also made many tours into the surrounding area; for example, to the "end of the world" (verdensend) south of Oslo, or the Gudbrandsdalen up. Also, I came for the first time in the Jotunheimen National Park. Above all, this trip was such an impressive experience for me that I decided to emigrate to this wonderful country.

But until it was time, some time passed. Although I wanted to leave immediately, I preferred to learn the >

How it goes on and how I finally got to Norway, you will learn in the second part of the history of my emigration.

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Thomas Villmannen

Norgesvenn, dreamer, traveler and a literary Saxon who has been home in Vestlandet, Norway, since 2013.


  • We also wanted to tackle the issue of emigration to Norway in a concrete way. We are often in the north and have been on tour for three months this summer.
    But then we met parents who came into contact with the Barnevernet. Since we ourselves have two small children, since then we have the risk to lose them due to the arbitrariness in Norway.
    Have researched extensively and about a first article written on my site, can be found under barnevernet

  • Exciting 🙂 and I'm looking forward to the second part. For us it is June for the first time to Norway.

    • Hello Denise,

      Thank you for your nice comment. We are also looking forward to the second part of the story of Thomas. Where should you go for summer? Greetings, Conny and Sirko

    • Somehow I had lost sight of the comment ... It goes to Bergen and from there a round trip down to Stavanger and the Hardangerfjord.

    • Hei Denise, nice to hear from you again. We are currently traveling in this area and report daily on our Facebook page of it. Maybe there are some suggestions and ideas for your own tour .... ? Visit us on the Nordlandblog Facebook page. If there are any other questions, then feel free to contact me. We wish you a fantastic tour to Norway already and are looking forward to reading from you again. Greetings, Conny and Sirko

    • Thanks for that, the second part will follow soon. best regards


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