300 disposal stations in Norway on a map


Norway is a paradise for road trips of all kinds, not only because of its breathtaking scenery and the partly sensational roads. Also the infrastructure and the seemingly endless possibilities to camp here in the most diverse pitches inspire more and more travelers year by year. The Norwegians themselves are also crazy about camping. So it is not surprising that there is apparently in every small village, almost every boat harbor and beyond parking spaces for campers and caravans. It is quite common in Norway, that not every place all possibilities of supply and disposal are offered. But in return you can use these facilities often in a different place, even if you have not stayed there or just use one of the many other, mostly municipal disposal stations in Norway.

A municipal waste disposal station like in a luxury hotel

In addition, many municipalities, petrol stations, communal businesses and even supermarkets offer the option of providing drinking water for their motorhome either free of charge or for a really small fee, or to dispose of greywater and / or the toilet. We have been and continue to be enthusiastic on our journeys through the whole country, how many and at the same time impressive possibilities there are. We were amazed when we discovered a free toilet disposal and cleaning machine on two parking lots in Lofoten. Set cassette, press button and after a few minutes you get this cleaned and filled with chemicals back - the whole thing for free!

  • Most campsites offer all services (supply and disposal) for passing campers. In some cases, but in this case, a fee for use is due if you have not stayed at the campsite.
  • At gas stations and supermarkets, the use of stations is usually free, at least if you have fueled or shopped there. In part, a small fee of 2 - 3 euros is due for use.
  • Regardless of our overview below also many other campsites offer corresponding possibilities, which we have not listed all here. The focus of our overview is much more on municipal and other offers in this area.
The most common machine - practical, clean and modern

Unfortunately, from our experience so far there is no reasonably complete overview of these stations. Thus, the search is sometimes difficult and it is known that you will find none of these stations when you need them most. The fact that all other types of disposal are no solution and we are only guests in this country, hopefully will not need to be emphasized again.

Therefore, we made the effort and in the first step from a table of the Norwegian Motorhome Association created the following map and entered the disposal stations. This map is not quite complete in our experience and so we will gradually expand this overview on our own trips. Therefore, we are also very grateful for any feedback, additions and corrections that may be made to us through the comments below.

In this respect, we thank you in advance for your help and we are pleased if we could help you with our contribution to the successful search for the next supply or disposal station in Norway ....

Further information on the topics of camping in Norway, helpful APPS and tools as well as the campsite guide Norway as a PDF to download can be found in the article "Tips for your first trip - camping in Norway" in our large guide area.

An overview of the disposal stations in Norway can also be found in text form and by provinces (Fylke) structured on this Norwegian homepage Bobilplassen.

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