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Each blog thrives on the quality and scope of its content, the timeliness and variety as well as the many exciting topics, valuable information and ultimately of all the people "behind the scenes" who stand for it. This is not different in Nordlandblog and that's why we look forward to you, your stories and contributions!

Do you like to travel to the countries of Northern Europe? Do you enjoy photographing passionately? Do you already have your own blog on similar topics? Can you give the readers valuable information? Then quickly write your first guest post as author on our platform. Here you meet many interested readers, can draw attention to you and reach with your posts many interested people.

It's easy to become an author in our team: just send us an e-mail with your text to our mailing address . If you already have optimized and reduced image files for your post, you can send them as an attachment with this email. If the image files are too large, you can make them available for free via the WE-Transfer (LINK) service. Then we shrink your image files and take care of the rest. Please do not forget to send a few lines to you and a photo, so we can create an attractive author profile.

IMPORTANT: By submitting your contribution, you acknowledge the following rules and guidelines for guest contributions.

Your article will be published promptly after we have checked our compliance with our rules. This will give you an own public profile in our author overview. There is the possibility to link to your (own) page and / or social media channels. That's how everyone benefits from this partnership: we post your posts on our page, and you get more readers and, if necessary, new visitors to your own page. Furthermore, we link your guest post in our interactive maps, which gives you more coverage.

Our vision is to develop Nordland Blog into a platform where people meet, exchange and inspire, connected by the same interests and passions. You can help with this and as a guest author you can become part of this community. We are therefore already looking forward to it today. Send us the emotional descriptions of your road trip to the north, exciting stories about your experiences in these countries or even the experience with a new camera or other equipment.

We say: Welcome to our world or authentically "Hjertelig velkommen" !!

That's how it should be…

So that our readers will always find exciting content in the same style and with the consistently high standards on the Nordland blog, it makes sense to fix some guidelines for all posts. This helps you to orient yourself and the whole community in the perception. Below you will get an overview:

  • Of course, all guest contributions must fit into the topic, content and style of the Nordland blog, can be sensibly classified in the existing categories and have a certain level of content.
  • The guest contributions ideally offer our readers added value or practical benefits and enrich the content on Nordlandblog.
  • We attach great importance to the exclusivity of the contributions. If a text has already been published elsewhere, it will only be published in exceptional cases on Nordlandblog to prevent punishment by Google for duplicate content.
  • The contributions you submit should not be intended as self-promotion for an author, a company or any other matter.
  • We assume that the texts and images are sent either via WE-Transfer (LINK) and / or by e-mail.
  • Our readers are, as usual in Scandinavia geduzt. Personal pronouns such as "you", "yours" or "you" are always lowercase.
  • All contributions must meet minimum requirements in terms of style and spelling. A clear structure with a meaningful headline, subheadings and a few paragraphs is desired and helpful to the reader. In a short introduction of about 100 to 200 words you can tune the reader to what awaits him in the following. The entire post should contain at least 800 words, some images and / or graphics, as well as other teaser elements.
  • If the links fit into the overall context and offer the reader a benefit, a maximum of two links on the blog or other / other contributions of the guest author are possible. Links to other websites and to other posts are always welcome if they provide added value and support the content as well as the reasoning of the post.
  • Each entry must contain at least one additional picture (minimum size of 600 x 400 pixels) as an illustration of the content in addition to the post picture (appears as title picture on our homepage / ideal size at the longest edge of at least 1540 pixels).
  • All guest contributions are checked by the Nordlandblog team in terms of content and SEO aspects and adjusted if necessary. Before they are published on the blog, they go through a final editorial including a correction. Significant changes / adjustments will of course be agreed with you as the author.
  • By submitting a guest post, you declare that you are the author of the post provided and that you hold all rights to the content.
  • By submitting or uploading data and files, you declare that you hold the rights to publish all submitted texts, images and any other content (such as music or videos).
  • You declare by sending the article that he does not violate the law in any form.
  • By submitting or uploading your guest contribution, including all content, you agree that any legal consequences arising from the content provided will be accepted by you as the sender.
  • You transfer the free, time and space unlimited publication and usage rights to all submitted by you content, articles and pictures and authorize us expressly, the content in the form chosen by us on Nordlandblog, affiliated websites, in newsletters and all relevant social media and to publish or promote networks (such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others) for all commercial and editorial purposes.
  • You agree to the submission of your guest article that advertising can be placed within the published article. In return, we warrant that we will not promote any offers / products of any contenders that violate your or other interests in relation to your published contribution.
  • You agree with the submission or the upload of your guest contribution that the operators of the Nordlandblog can change, amend or shorten the submitted text and the submitted pictures at any time. This also includes adjustments under the aspects of search engine optimization.
  • By submitting your contribution you also give us your consent that your article on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS directories, etc. can be published.
  • We reserve the right to not publish published and created guest contributions without giving reasons or to remove them from our blog at any time.
  • By submitting contributions, you also agree that we store all relevant data provided by you, including all personal information, in accordance with the legal requirements and in accordance with the DSVGO, at least as long as the guest article is published on the blog ,

By submitting / creating a contribution, you accept the conditions stated here for this process.

  • After registration and with the publication of your first guest contribution, you will receive your own author profile, which is always publicly visible in the author area of ​​Nordlandblog deposited. There you can introduce yourself with 500 words. In addition, you can leave a permanent link to your own page or blog and to your profiles in well-known social networks. This will significantly increase your presence on the Internet. The author box contains a profile picture with the minimum resolution of 150 x 150 pixels, which you can submit to us with your contribution to the publication.
  • Immediately after publication of the guest article, we will advertise it publicly on all social media channels used by us in order to enable a corresponding coverage.
  • In addition, we put a marker in our maps, which will be linked to your blog post.
  • We are happy to take over the moderation of the comments for you.
  • After the successful publication of some guest contributions, there is the possibility of a long-term cooperation.

And now ? After these necessarily to be clarified points, it can start. We look forward to seeing you and your first post. So, come on!

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