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Does it need a "fat leader Norwegian" and thus another guide for the country in the north of Europe ...? This question first came to mind when we first held this book in our hands. And the answer to that is very easy for us after reading it: If you like Norway and its inhabitants, often and like to travel there and anyway want to know more about the special mentality of the "Norwegians", then you definitely have to read this book.

The author, Julia Fellinger, describes the more or less well-known Norwegian peculiarities in an entertaining, subtle, professional and vocal manner. In fact, in the run-up to reading books, we claimed that we knew most things about Norway and its inhabitants through our many Norwegian friends. In retrospect, however, we must admit that we have also learned a lot ... Likewise, we have regularly caught reading, as we have often smiled approvingly and the described situations from their own experience could understand wonderfully.

In this respect, every Norway fan, whether as a traveler or resident, will have a great time reading the "fat leader Norway". After reading this book, you will probably see some things in Norway from a different perspective and may even better understand them. So it should actually be a must-read before you head north.

Even when meeting with friends in Norway, you can dare ...

The book reads well and entertaining, because you basically follow an exciting narrative. The Munich insurance detective Stefan Derek is sent to Norway to search for a missing painting there. On his tour through the country, he leaves almost none of the faux pas out. Nevertheless, the situations described and his experiences are realistic, as well as in the same way lifelike. In this respect, one can put oneself well in his position and follows him eagerly on his journey to learn at the same time and almost playfully more about the Norwegians, their behavior, but also their culture and expectations.

At the end of each chapter, the author describes what went wrong and why in this situation. Then it gives the reader well-understandable recommendations and explanations, so that one acts in a similar situation correctly and confidently.

In this way, you can prepare perfectly for your time in Norway, learn a lot about the country and people, learn a little more about the background of the Norwegian way of life and finally get even more wanderlust - because you want to inevitably return to this great country as soon as possible ,

The Norwegians are - rightly - proud of their country

Julia Fellinger has written a wonderful book about Norway and even more about the Norwegians with great attention to detail and a pleasant professional distance, combined with a nonetheless obvious affection for the country and its people. And from the vocation: From 2004 to 2016, she headed the communications department of the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Oslo. There she practiced intercultural coexistence day by day with her German and Norwegian colleagues. A few years earlier, she lived with her family in Norway before briefly leaving the country for a journalistic education before moving to Oslo. Born in 1972, the journalist now lives in Berlin with her family and has published various books as a writer. If you would like to know more about her, you can read this interview with her on the website of her publisher .

Incidentally, we also recommend this book as a perfect gift - for anyone who is also infected by the "Norway virus". If you are interested in the "fat leader Norwegian", you can order it directly from via the following button (* Affiliate Link / more about this in the imprint ) :

  • January 2019 (8th edition)
  • Hardcover, Flexcover, 256 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-95889-183-8
  • Prices: € 12.95 [D], € 13.40 [A], SFr. 18.90 * [CH]
  • Hardcover, Flexcover, 256 pages
  • Publisher: CONBOOK VERLAG
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