Travel Planning Norway: Calculate toll costs and all ferry connections at a glance


A special service is the stately road authority Statens Vegvesen in Norway. Since this is not yet so widespread, but extremely helpful, we would like to introduce and explain the corresponding online tool below. Because on the website of Statens Vegvesen you not only learn about the situation of the road conditions (construction sites, closures, accidents) but you even get an overall view of all toll stations and tolls in Norway. In addition there is a possible display and overview of all domestic ferry connections, to which even the timetables are gradually deposited.

This will give you a perfect base from which to plan your tour in and around Norway, taking into account the toll, ferry crossings and possible closures.

This link takes you to the homepage of Statens Vegvesen in Norway. For the locals there are many more features that we do not need to be interested in here. You just click on the big left icon: SE TRAFFIKMELDINGER .

After clicking on SE TRAFFIKMELDINGER , this interactive and initially somewhat confusing map will open with all traffic information and current restrictions (especially important for passports in spring and autumn).

By clicking on the selection menu (MENY) in the upper right corner. opens a selection box where you can now freely choose what you see on the map. For example, you can deselect the traffic reports (TRAFFIKMELDINGER) and activate the points that are of interest to you.

In our example below we have selected the toll stations (BOMSTASJONER) and the ferries (FERGE) in the country for display. The card looks like this on the screenshot below:

Of course, you can also zoom in on this interactive map and view the relevant routes and regions. By clicking on the "KR" symbol or the icon, a window opens in which the toll charges for this section or station are displayed. In sum, you can plan what to expect in terms of toll costs. Alternatively, you can, of course, in some cases avoid these routes and select other routes.

Note: If you are looking for more information about the toll in Norway as well as about the different systems of registration, we recommend you this contribution to the topics car and toll in Norway.

On the following picture you can see a window with the details of a ferry connection in Norway. This service is currently being intensified and unfortunately not yet working for all ferries. However, you can already read the travel times and other details on many routes. Thus, it is also possible here to plan what costs and additional times are incurred by using the ferries on the desired / planned route.

If you want or need to use some ferries in Norway, we recommend the Ferjekort of AutoPass Norway. With this discount card you can save a considerable amount on the ferries in Norway. So there are in the top up to 50% discount for the driver including vehicle. You can find out more about this map if you are interested in this guide article about the ferries in Norway . The exact instructions for ordering the card can be found again in this article.

If you just want to get an overview of your expected toll costs on the journey through Norway in the simplest way, there is another, on this specialized homepage, the "Bompenger calculator". Over this link you come to the Bompenger calculator , which - as the name implies - only serves to calculate the toll. To do this you enter, as in one of the known route planner, the starting point of your journey, possible intermediate stations ("via") and the destination.

As a result, you go the recommended route including the toll costs. If there are alternatives, these will also be displayed, including the costs, and you will have the choice of a route.

We hope that with this post we could once again recommend an interesting and helpful tool for the perfect round trip.

© Picture material / screenshots in the article: Homepage of the Norwegian road authority Statens Vegvesen

Conny and Sirko

"Yes, we love this country ..." - that's the beginning of the Norwegian national anthem, and yes, we too - Conny Sirko - love this country, its inhabitants, the magnificent scenery, the peace and tranquility that we enjoy there and throughout Scandinavia Find. We've been touring the North more than 20 times - at different times, in many regions and in all variations. The idea for this homepage came to us last year, because then we have the opportunity to write the permanent wanderlust to the north of the soul and hopefully inspire you for it. So: heading north!


  • Hello you two,

    Thanks for your blog, he helped me a lot in the preparation for our Norway road trip in May 2020. When you start planning you are totally overwhelmed and overwhelmed by the country and the many possibilities 🙂 Where do you start from where do you stop? 🙂 So I had a good overview and could pick the right one for us (traveling with a 1.5 year old daughter).
    I have one more question for you. We fly to Oslo and then take a rental car. My question is, if you have to deal with a rental car no longer regarding the tolls for something? I have read that these already have the appropriate equipment and the tolls are then simply charged with the deposit. Is this true?

    Many thanks and best regards from Bavaria

    • Hei Natalie,

      Thanks a lot for the nice feedback, which confirms our work and is an important motivation. If you still have a question to ask for planning or need feedback, feel free to contact me again.
      As far as your current question is concerned, yes, all reputable and well-known car rental providers do not have to worry about anything, since in Norway, as a commercial supplier, they are already obliged to equip their vehicles with the necessary toll collection and billing chips. So you get an overview of your routes and toll costs, which are usually charged with the deposit. There are only a few providers who then quite clever yet open a small processing fee. But even this (around 5 euros) is usually fine.

      We hope that helps you so first and your / your plans are running with the appropriate anticipation. If there is something else, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, we send greetings,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Class review, top tip with the two links, Thanks!

    • Hey Jens,

      Thank you very much for this great feedback.
      Greetings from Finland, Conny and Sirko

  • Dear Conny, dear Sirko!
    Thank you in advance for your excellent blog in general and the countless tips in Norway in particular. In preparation for our 2019 trip, the Nordland blog was one of the most important and productive sources of information. Thank you very much for the preparation of the toll and ferry topic and the nice answer to individual questions.
    All in all, our trip went extremely well, if you want, you can get an overview at .

    Despite the good preparation worked with us the delivery of the ferry ticket not in time before departure, so again my advice to enough lead time when ordering, or transfer.
    Regarding the road toll, I can say that the transmission of the transponder was fast and the billing was absolutely correct. In our case, we brought NOK 892.10 on toll, so thumb times Pi 93, - Euro.
    BUT! For the transfer to non-Sepa country Norway, ie a so-called "foreign transfer", I was charged 29.06 euros (19.62 euros for the recipient bank, 3.63 clearing fee and 5.81 bank transfer fee) ). Put simply, about 30% of the toll was added to the toll, a disproportionate amount, in my opinion. After asking my bank advisor, if I could have done something different, that is cheaper, he said that there was no cheaper alternative.
    Maybe you or the community knows alternatives? At least this circumstance of high expenses should be increasingly communicated - do not you agree?

    Best regards, Kurt

    • Dear Kurt,

      Thank you for your nice and detailed comment. We are very happy that you had such a great and eventful journey through beautiful Norway and we obviously were able to contribute at least a small part to it - for us always the best reward and the best feedback. We have already looked at your or your diary and are really impressed. The pictures are beautiful, the tour was perfect and very optimally planned and you have actually hoped for some exciting hikes and summit tours. All attention !! In any case, you have obviously been rewarded with experiences and impressions that no one else can take you anyway - and that matters ...
      However, we would like to discuss the financial aspects: If you have requested the Ferjekort in advance and deposited the credit, but it was delivered to you too late, then there is the possibility to send the receipts of the ferry crossings and the discount as a credit in retrospect pick up. We are not sure how it is with you since you started in May. Now in July there was or was an official statement from AutoPass, because there were problems with the fast delivery of Ferjekort. You are welcome and should try it ... 🙂
      As far as the international transfer is concerned, your bank adviser is not up to date. While Norway is not part of the EU in many treaties and procedures, it is part of the SEPA area. We can also formulate this very clearly and fairly confidently, because, for example, we do not have any additional costs with our bank when we transfer money to Norway. Here - maybe also for your bank adviser - again a link to the topic . In any case, you can and should save the fees in the future. By the way, we also wrote something here in this article about the Ferjekort order .
      But now we wish you a nice weekend and send greetings to Austria. We will be happy to read again,
      heartily, Conny and Sirko

  • Hello Conny and Sirko, unfortunately I found your block only now. For nearly 30 years I have had the desire to visit the North Cape. This year I did it and it was a very emotional moment for me. We arrived in hazy weather on 11.07. there and unfortunately we could not see much of the midnight sun, but on 12.07. we had totally clear view and it was gigantic. We started the route via Sweden Finland and I wanted to return via Lofoten. Unfortunately, my wife panicked and I had to cancel many of my plans. So it was just a ride on the E roads and the real beauties we have not seen. Since we were traveling with a motorhome, we always a night campsite and the second a pitch hit, which was really good. We have come back today, although we had 2 weeks left. I am now thinking of going on this tour alone or with a travel company, Hutigruten or something. Unfortunately, my health is quite bad and therefore it was something like the last attempt for this trip. If it is OK for you, I would like to get more information from your reports, to see how I might be able to experience a Norway tour again. Thanks in advance, Gerd Schliemann.

    • Dear Gerd,
      Thank you for your kind and detailed comment. We can understand your description, the emotions and wishes well. Likewise, we're keeping our fingers crossed for you, that maybe it will work with another trip to and through Norway. There are many options to travel the country and the ride on the Hurtigrute is only one of those possibilities. We are happy to assist you with help and advice and would be pleased if you could get a lot of inspiration and information from our blog. We wish you only the best for the realization of your dream and until next general good luck.
      Greetings, Conny and Sirko


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