Hiking in the north of Norway: spectacular view of the Segla (island of Senja)


Hike in Northern Norway with a spectacular view: the Hesten rises 556 meters above the fjord on the island of Senja and thus offers a great view of the summit of Segla.

We originally wanted to climb the summit of Segla on the Norwegian island of Senja. Unfortunately, the fresh snow made the planned hike to this cult mountain too dangerous and therefore unfortunately impossible for us. Our fan community then recommended another great hike not far from Segla - the hike on the Hesten (556 meters above sea level). From its summit you should get a unique panoramic view of the beautiful island of Senja and be able to admire the mighty Segla up close.

From road 862 you follow the turnoff towards Fjordgård. First you have to cross the Ørnfjord tunnel. Then keep left and drive into the fjord farm tunnel. After the tunnel, just follow the road until you reach Fjordgård. After the "Segla Grill and Pub" restoration, turn left again to start the hike in the parking lot (GPS: 69.504932, 17.628341) next to the school.

Municipal parking space in Fjordgård (Senja Island)

We traveled to Fjordgård with our motorhome the day before and spent a relaxing night on the local parking lot. Here, on the fjord bank, the municipality has set up a barbecue area and a small parking lot, for which a donation is requested. You can find more details, information and the exact location in our Norway parking space overview:

Click here for all further information / facts / pictures and the detailed map of this motorhome parking space

The next morning we leave early. The sun is already smiling and we have the best conditions for our hike to the top of the Hesten. We pack our equipment and drive to the parking lot at the starting point of the hike.

As a precaution, we packed another fleece shirt in our backpack and of course a * thermos flask with warm tea should not be missing. On the way through the snow, our hiking poles give us a better hold, which we have linked for you here (* Affiliate Link):

(* Affiliate links / more on this in the imprint )
The path on the Hesten leads first through this birch grove

The path on the Hesten leads through a small birch forest. The first passage of the path crosses a marshy area. Appropriate wooden planks are designed for fastening. We follow the well-marked path, past small streams and over simple wooden bridges, steadily uphill.

A first look back and at the mountains of the island of Senja

Initially we are still in the shade. The sun is very low in late autumn and can only be guessed at first. Only a few meters later, above the tree line, are the warming sun rays waiting for us.

The sun can be guessed above the tree line and the summit of the Hesten can already be seen

When we leave the forest, we can see the Segla from the side for the first time. At this height there is already a few centimeters of snow and we are not so sure whether we will actually reach our goal, the summit of Hesten. To make matters worse, the fresh snow sometimes means that the path markings can no longer be recognized.

With increasing altitude there is also significantly more snow

Fortunately, we see some footprints that we follow. We are finally moving in the warming sun. The snow glistens like thousands of diamonds in the sunshine and once again the way becomes our goal. The higher we get, the more the view opens up over the mountains of Norway's second largest island.

The blue sky, the wonderfully warming sun and the fresh snow - just perfect. The tracks in the snow lead us to quite high boulders that have to be overcome. It is only to be hoped that the traces belong to locals who are sure to know about them ...

Wonderful - we enjoy the warming sun

And suddenly the tracks split up ... We look around and notice that because of the concentration on the rocks in front of us, we have not noticed what a magnificent view we already have of the Segla. Time for a warm cup of tea and a little break.

An unforgettable sight - the mighty Segla

Wow this is a sight !! Now we are also aware of how the mountain in front of us must have got its name. This mountain formation, which has probably been shaped over millennia, actually resembles a sail and lets us look at it with awe. Add to that the magnificent view of Inste Kongen and the Mefjorden, which is a few hundred meters below us.

We enjoy the beautiful view and fantastic weather for a long time. Should we still try to reach the highest point on the top of the Hesten? After a short time we decide against it. It's just too smooth and too dangerous to walk along the edge of the cliff. The high cliff falls so steeply into the sea that you almost feel queasy. In addition, you already have a fantastic view just a few meters below the summit.

The view from the cliff, just below the Hesten, is terrific

After some great pictures of the popular Segla, it's time to head back. It makes us a little sad to leave this breathtaking view behind.

A breathtaking panorama over the island of Senja

The tour is characterized by a short, not so strenuous ascent and at the finish you are rewarded with a great view. The hike has become quite popular by now, so you will likely meet a lot of like-minded people.

This hike is suitable for the whole family, but can also be easily accompanied by a dog. Good footwear is a prerequisite!

ATTENTION : Children should be extremely careful, especially on the cliff above the fjord. The site is very steep and there are no barriers.

Tour facts:
  • Distance: about 3.7 kilometers from the start of the hike and back there (complete route)
  • Time: 1.5 to a maximum of 2.5 hours distance + breaks
  • Best time for this tour: June - September
  • Official difficulty rating of this tour according to Norwegian criteria: "middels" (blue)
  • Parking: Ideally at the school in the small town of Fjordgård (see our map below) / The smaller parking lot directly at the beginning of the path is very limited and only recommended in the low season
  • All details and further information about the parking space in Fjordgård

If you need a place to stay overnight, you can use the following affiliate links * (more on this in the imprint ).

You can get an overview of the different levels of difficulty of hiking in Norway and the importance of the classifications in our detailed article on "Hiking in Norway".

PDF brochure "Hiking on Senja"

With a click on the cover of the German->Visit Senja ) you can save or download it as a PDF to prepare your own tours perfectly

The map below shows you the parking lot for this hike:

Conny and Sirko

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