Detailed instructions: Order your AutoPass Ferjekort for Norway


The ultimate guide with all the details, screenshots from the ordering process and all the important information for your order

By popular request and due to many uncertainties regarding the new Norwegian Ferjekort, we have below for you a small user manual with all the steps and details on the ordering process of the map created. As the system is further developed, changed and developed, updates and additions to this topic are required at regular intervals, which you may find at the end of this article.

The new Ferjekort in this form is valid since January 2019. All old maps have meanwhile lost their validity. In addition, since then you can not buy this practical new discount card on a ferry in Norway, but you have to order it before you start your journey. Note that this will only be sent by post when your prepaid account is charged. To play it safe, you should order your personal Ferjekort at least 14 days before the start of the journey. The card itself costs 50 NOK, which will be deducted after depositing your credit. This amount you usually save as a rule already with the first crossing in Norway as a discount. How much can be saved with the card shows you this screen printout from our own Ferjekort customer account:

"Full Pris" would be the regular price for the ferry and in the right column you can see the actual amount paid as we use the Ferjekort
  • The card is a prepaid card, similar to the well-known mobile cards or credit cards that have to be charged before (!!) with a credit. You then pay for your ferry crossing on the spot from your deposited balance and you need it so slowly. As long as you do that, you'll get the attractive discounts (more details on fares and discounts on the ferries are provided in this article about the ferries in Norway ) until the card is empty or you just have your "Ferjekort account" with a new one Refill the transfer.
  • To prevent irritation: The service provider and agent of the new Ferjekort is since 2019 the Norwegian toll company AutoPass, which is also responsible for the collection and billing of tolls in Norway. In the medium term, the toll systems and the Ferjekort will and will be linked more closely. Currently (2019) but it is still NOT necessary or condition that you also have the chip or an agreement on the toll with / by AutoPass. So you can order only the Ferjekort, which for many travelers currently (September 2019 / see also our update at the end of the article) also quite enough or makes sense. Or you are registered for billing the toll with EPC and uses only the product Ferjekort from AutoPass. That too is possible. More about toll in Norway we have shown in detail in this post.
  • Some ferries only accept AutoPass Chip / Brikke automatic payment (also called "day") and then only give the corresponding discounts from the agreement you have for the toll. Others do not accept the Chip / Brikke nor the Ferjekort - here the full price is always payable. An up-to-date overview on which ferry connections you can save in which way can be found here on this overview page of AutoPass Ferjekort.
  • For rental vehicles: Sign up in time for our below instructions and use temporarily your private license plate. Once you have your rental mobile home, you can then change the license plate in your customer account accordingly.
  • If you no longer need the Ferjekort and there are still funds in your account, then you can terminate the agreement at any time without notice and get the remaining balance paid back. Only the one-off 50 NOK costs for the card will be deducted from your first credit. Just send an e-mail to the contact address (at the bottom of the Ferjekort homepage, if you are logged in). After about 30 days and an intervening monthly change, according to feedback from many readers, your remaining balance will be returned.

We hope that the following overview and the individual steps will bring a little light into the darkness and make the order a little easier for you.

  • The website should now open and you can select the >Klikk her for å opprette avtale nå" .
  • Now you will be asked for the type of customer. Since you are probably traveling privately in Norway, please select the option " Private"
  • Then you have to confirm the terms and conditions to get to the next step.
  • At this point, the mobile phone number must be entered, in order to receive a code via SMS, which must be entered in the field " Verifiserungskode ". After this confirmation, you will then be forwarded.
  • Now, your personal information, starting with your date of birth, will be queried. If you have filled out everything you get with the click on " Neste" to the next window.
  • Now you can check your data again. If you notice an error, you can simply change the data by clicking on the pen. Everything is right? Then it goes on with the details / details to the vehicle.
  • The first field must contain the country of approval. In the second field, the number plate without hyphen (!!!) in and in the last field, the class in which the car falls. Our van is 6 meters, so we choose class 1 with 8 meters. With " Legg til" you finally confirm your information.
  • So almost made: In this window you see your entered data and also automatically the number of your car pass - chip if you also have a contract for the toll roads to get discounts there. More details can be found here .
  • However, you currently do not necessarily have a chip from AutoPass for the Norwegian toll to acquire the Ferjekort ud and can - as already described - the field "AutoPASS brikkenummer" also leave blank . Update September 2019: The payment on the ferries is now massively switched to automatic payment with the Chip / Brikke of AutoPass. In this respect, it really makes sense to register there for the toll and then to own both the chip and the Ferjekort of AutoPass. (See also the last section of this article)
  • Now you select the " Nytt Ferjekort" and confirm with " Lagre" your input. The point we find a bit confusing, but it makes perfect sense. On some ferries you can already - as with the toll roads - just drive up to the ferry and the amount due is obtained by invoice. Unfortunately, the discount you receive on this way or with the chip is less than the discount that you currently receive directly with the Ferjekort. Therefore you should not use the chip on these ferries but submit your Ferjekort. The Norwegians are currently working hard on a unified system that will probably be introduced next year.
  • The last mouse clicks: You see your order on the screen with the note that the card will be sent to you once you have transferred your balance (in the example) of NOK 3500. By clicking on " Neste" you can still choose how you want to get your billing. We have chosen the convenient e-mail account, especially as additional fees are due for postal delivery.
  • With the next click you have completed the ordering process and you should see the ferry actually put down on your monitor, you have done everything right 🙂
  • Note on the transfer of your credit : In order to save the fees (some are probably around 20, - Euro) at the bank for a foreign transfer, simply choose the normal SEPA transfer and determine the amount to be paid with a currency converter. We always round up the equivalent amount in euros to be sure and to have no further expense if the exchange rates fluctuate.
  • In your e-mail inbox you should now have received a welcome e-mail and the invoice for the due balance.

IMPORTANT: The card will not be sent until the funds have been credited to your account. This usually takes about a week. From here on, only your contract is valid. Should your account no longer have any credits during the journey, the contract with the Ferjekort will also expire.

If, on the other hand, you still have credit and do not need it in the foreseeable future, you can also cancel the card by e-mail to the contact address of AutoPass Ferjekort and then receive the balance back.

Now we wish you a good tour through the beautiful Norway, beautiful crossings with the ferries in the country and a good feeling, that you have saved your holiday fund by a considerable amount ...

As already announced and foreseeable, the system of tolls and payment on the ferries will be increasingly centralized, unified and automated. All Ferjekort users, who previously used only the card without the Chip / Brikke for the toll of AutoPass, have received an email. In it it is announced that more and more ferries are switched to automatic payment with the chip / Brikke. In this respect, it is strongly advised that from next year also the chip / Brikke of AutoPass is to be used in order to continue to receive attractive discounts in connection with the Ferjekort. You then no longer pay with the Ferjekort, but the chip / Brikke, which is otherwise used for recording the transits at the toll stations, then serves as a means of payment on the ferries and is there or at the driveway to the ferry only scanned ,

The goal is to be able to use all roads and ferries in Norway at any time without individual payment, and the automatically registered or used routes and ferry connections will then be billed. The good thing about it: Until further notice, you can now save even more, because with the scanning of the chip / Brikke only the vehicle is detected and no longer the number of passengers, for which one has previously paid extra.

How the whole thing works and looks like we saw on a ferry for the first time last week, when the cashier was just running around and scanning the AutoPass Chips / Brikkes in the cars. The crossing itself then appeared with the corresponding discount in our Ferjekort customer account. So it works ...

This is how it will look more often on Norwegian ferries in the future ...

If you need or want to order the chip (also called "Brikke") from AutoPass for the electronic recording and billing of your toll and for the future payment on the ferries in Norway in addition to the Ferjekort, we have for you in this article to the AutoPass Chip also documents important information and instructions for ordering.

Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any further questions, would like to tell us something or just want to share your experiences with our readers.

Conny and Sirko

"Yes, we love this country ..." - that's the beginning of the Norwegian national anthem, and yes, we too - Conny Sirko - love this country, its inhabitants, the magnificent scenery, the peace and tranquility that we enjoy there and throughout Scandinavia Find. We've been touring the North more than 20 times - at different times, in many regions and in all variations. The idea for this homepage came to us last year, because then we have the opportunity to write the permanent wanderlust to the north of the soul and hopefully inspire you for it. So: heading north!


  • The reports and explanations are great.
    But why can not I print the explanations is easier for me.
    Greetings from Steinhagen
    Eckhard Lube

    • Hei Eckhard,

      Thank you for your feedback and the related note or question for printing. By nature, it should not be a problem to print out our articles. For this one must / should one the respective Browser only in the "reader mode" change over and then one can use the contribution comfortably as PDF and just also print. The direct printing function from the article, as many publishers offer, we had to remove after the introduction of the DSGVO unfortunately, since the plugin in this respect would not have complied with the specifications of the German authorities in terms of data protection ...

      Greetings to Steinhagen,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Thanks for the really very accurate presentation of the facts for the autopass.

  • Hei Conny and Sirko,

    Thank you very much for an extremely fast response to my request and especially for the detailed explanation on the subject. You have made me a whole lot smarter in the matter. Just as you advised us, so we will keep it. We wait for the day in January and order the chip of AutoPass in any case. First of all, many thanks for your support. Now I feel well advised and can see the tour planning on this topic much more relaxed.
    Greetings from home and you then "god tur" through the beloved north!


  • Halli hello, do you have any idea how I can get my remaining balance back? I've written a mail there many times but they just do not transfer our money back ?! I do not think it's that funny anymore. 🙁

    • Hei Melanie,

      From our experience or the feedback of our followers and readers, the repayment takes about 30 days and there must be a change of month in between. However, we have already heard that it should currently take longer at certain points. Probably after the travel time, the volume is very high at the moment, because you probably did not expect the issue of so many resorts.
      We're keeping our fingers crossed that it's done quickly now.
      Greetings, Conny and Sirko

    • Hello Melanie, Conny and Sirko
      the same problem here. I was announced by mail on August 20, the payment of the remaining balance after 30 days. So far nothing has been received ... And there is no answer to further inquiries by mail, but only automatically generated mail with a processing number. I'd like to call - but who? I'm grateful for any hints!
      Best regards Carola

    • Hei Carola,

      In fact, with this delay we would actually call there in your place. The phone number of AutoPass Ferjekort is: 0047-55 30 00 00. The Norwegians are all very good at English - so it should work quite well along the way.
      We keep our fingers crossed and would be very pleased about a little feedback - also for the other readers here.
      Greetings from Finland,
      Conny and Sirko

    • Hei Conny and Sirko,
      In search of perks with Ferjekort I discovered your admirable homepage. First of all congratulations and many thanks for the many information provided from your experiences. From my own experience I know what it means to look after such a comprehensive homepage. Thus, I can only say to your performance that I take a deep breath here and bow! Respect! We have been to rented motorhomes in Norway eight times and I'll report on my site . Our next motorhome tour, which will start next May, is already in preparation. During the six-week tour, a total of 16 ferry passages are planned in Norway, so that we could save some money with the Ferjekort, which can then be used elsewhere. With excitement I follow on your side, whether until the departure of further updates on the use of Ferjekort follow. Since we do not have our own motorhome and rent a 6.40 m alcove vehicle for our tours, the chip would actually be from AutoPass, but our RV provider does not order a chip for its vehicles. What do you think, should I order a private car for the rental car for the six weeks at EPC. It should not happen, if the next tenant after our tour also goes to Norway and the chip is no longer attached to the registered camper. Maybe from the coming year only this chip will be needed and the order of a Ferjekort thus superfluous, if I understood correctly.
      In any case, I am already looking forward to your advice and your answer, I am grateful for all the purposeful advice.
      Many greetings from Dresden to Zeithain

    • Hei Joachim,

      Thank you very much for your great feedback and the detailed commentary, which we also like to answer. In fact, it is an exciting topic in total, for which there will be some updates and where we are constantly considering whether this complex subject matter can be displayed in a kind of block diagram to make it understandable and clear to all ... The fact is that The Scandinavians often have their agreements ("avtale") with a provider in order to benefit from certain advantages and the billing of the services used is in turn carried out by another service provider. So it is with all the regional toll companies (contract partner for the motorist) and the service provider AutoPass (chip for billing). You have the same thing with the bridges in Denmark: Contractor for the discount is BroPas and the chip for billing comes from BroBizz - an independent third party service provider. Why do we explain that? Quite simply: It will very, very likely be the case that in the future you will need the Ferjekort as a discount card and condition agreement in order to enjoy the corresponding advantages on the ferries. But as a means of payment, it will have gradually become obsolete, because then billed by the chip of AutoPass. Therefore, you should actually get it for you, because you really save a huge amount on the ferries in combination with the Ferjekort. In addition, the toll in Norway is also becoming increasingly expensive and constantly new toll stations are being built. We have also paid Hitra almost 12 euros ... Not for nothing the Norwegians anti-tolling party has achieved considerable success in the last local election. With the chip you also get discounts here - so save another time.
      The risk that someone will be charged on your chip when he drives to Norway with the same motorhome after you is real, but easy to clarify: You always put the chip on your private license plate, then change before driving on the rental mobile home and soon you are back, you change back to your private license plate 😉 🙂
      In sum, the following advice: Wait until January 2020, what happens there with the Ferjekort and if our theory is right, then order in peace first the chip and then the Ferjekort (which is then automatically linked with your chip in the order process). We are also happy to exchange views.
      But now, first greetings from Finland to the home,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hi,

    Your blog helps us a lot with planning, thanks for that!

    However, I have a short question:
    How to make sure that you do not pay twice when you can pay by AutoPass and Ferjekort on a ferry?

    • Hei Nina,
      Thanks for the nice feedback and your comment. To your question: Here it can meanwhile no more confusions, since in the meantime on the individual connections only the AutoPass chip OR the Ferjekort are accepted. For an overview of what ferry connections you can see on the Ferjekort homepage (link) . The Norwegians are quite angry, because more and more ferries are switched to the AutoPass chip and then there is much less discount ....
      We hope that this information will help you and send you kind regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hi,

    Thanks to your instructions we saved a lot of money during the summer! Thanks for that. Now, the card is here with a not low residual sum and I read that you can cancel and give back. Only I do not like how! Do you have an info about or maybe even done it yourself?

    • Hei Michael,
      Welcome back ... 🙂 🙂 We have not quit ourselves yet, as we continue to use and use our map. However, you can easily cancel with a short English mail to the contact address (if you are logged in the bottom right) and ask for transfer of the balance. In general, that works within a week. Normally you have to send the card back to your issuing office:
      Postboks 6203
      5893 mountains
      We hope that helps you this way ...?

      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hi,
    Thank you for the great explanation. We are back from vacation and since no further trip to Norway is planned in the foreseeable future, I would like to withdraw the remaining amount. You write that you have to disable the account. With all search I find on the page but no corresponding function. Perhaps you can help me?
    Thanks and best regards

    • Hei Miriam,

      If you want to return the Ferjekort completely and want the money back, then you should email it to the contact address (at the bottom right of the homepage, if you are holed up) explain. Then you will usually be asked to return the card to the address where you got it. That should be exactly this address:

      Postboks 6203
      5893 mountains

      As a rule, you have your money back within a week.
      We hope that this information will help you ....?

      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • First of all, a big thank you for the great instructions with which within the shortest possible time
    Time the card was in the mail (8 days after transfer).

    I have looked at the page, or searched as I can fill the account by a new transfer. Unfortunately I did not find anything for this.
    Could you tell me how this works?

    • Hei Uli,
      Thanks a lot for your great comment, the nice feedback and your specific question. It behaves so that you receive a notification from AutoPass for Ferje, if the balance is only 25% of the original amount. Connected to it, one can and should then again make a new transfer and fill up its balance. From our point of view (not yet tried !!) it should and should be possible at any time to deposit a sum X back into your account by using all the data and figures from the first transfer. Because you have there a personal account, on which your credit is and on what you just certainly can deposit anytime again.
      But if you want to be sure, then wait for the notification at the 25% balance.
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hey Conny and Sirko!
    Thanks for the great description when ordering the Ferjekort. Everything worked great. Now I want to change the license plate to that of the rented motorhome. But I'm not sure, I have to delete the specified car and add the new one? Greetings Rene

    • Hei Rene,

      Thank you for your interest in our post and this comment. The vehicle or the details of the vehicle you change the best and most certainly, by sending a message to the AutoPass via the contact form (see link at the bottom of your account). Then change the colleagues in Norway independently in the backend.
      We hope that this info will help you and we wish you a great tour to Norway.
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hello everybody,

    we are finally on the way to Norway next weekend :).
    We will travel by car + caravan. Partly we will use the ferries only by car and park the caravan, in some cases we will have car and caravan with us. Depending on our "vehicle" is then different lengths and would fall into different classes.
    How do I enter this with the length now best?
    Do you know if it would be considered if we have the more expensive class specified and then maybe one or the other times but only by car on the ferry would go?

    Many greetings

    • Hei Kerstin,

      Thank you for your nice comment. Maybe you'll even see each other in Norway, because we're going to drive up next monday ... To your question: According to our information and after asking our friends in Norway, the Ferjekort can be reached by car, ie the towing vehicle. " connected is. In this respect you give the regular length without a trailer. Thus, the payment is also clear and courageous if you are traveling by car. If you now have the followers of it, you give this with the payment and it will be deducted a correspondingly higher amount from your Ferjekort or the credit there. In the end, the Ferjekort is just a kind of payment card / credit card, with which then, taking into account the corresponding discounts, the respective price paid - that is deducted from your balance.
      For us it is similar: without bike rack we have a length of less than 6 meters and with the carrier accordingly more. Our Ferjekort runs on the regular length and if we are traveling with the bicycle carrier, we say this to the cashier and he books the corresponding amount less the discounts.
      We hope that helps you with this as an information and wish you a good trip in any case.
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hello everybody!
    Very helpful info!
    If I understand correctly, this Ferry Card is a real card that will only be mailed to the applicant's mailing address, and it usually takes a week!
    Since I will fly to Norway in 4 days, it makes no sense to me.
    In the digital age I initially expected a digital solution (eg 2D code or similar). Pity!

    • Hei Yang,

      The Ferjekort is only a temporary solution and is increasingly and soon completely replaced by the electronic payment with the AutoPass chip. However, one must also order this and have it delivered ... 🙂
      Greetings, Conny and Sirko

  • Moin together, my card was after a copious week in the mailbox. The processing jam seems to dissolve. 👍
    VG Steffen

    • Hei Steffen,

      that sounds great and shows that some things are self-explanatory ... 🙂 Thank you for your feedback and a nice trip for you / you, when the time comes.

      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Moin together, you give really good hints for Norway tours and how to prepare. Short question: I applied for the car pass for ferje, transferred money and the money is also well written. Map still on the way. As you have recommended, I had first indicated my private car license plate. Now I got the license plate of the rental Womo. Could you please describe exactly how and where I change the license plate now? Stand there somehow on the hose;). Thank you in advance. VG Steffen

    • Hei Steffen,

      Thank you for your comment and the nice feedback ... You can and have to change your license number for the Ferjekort with a mail / message to the customer service (contact is at the bottom of your customer account). The deposit then the now new and current indicator for your customer account and thus for you. From many feedbacks we know that this process is quick and easy.
      We hope, that helps you so first ...?
      Greetings, Conny and Sirko

  • Hello everybody, my card was with me within a week. Thank you for your engagement.

    • Great, there we are happy for you / you and wish you a nice journey 🙂 For us it is also in a week finally "high" and we can hardly wait again.
      GOD TUR and greetings,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hey you two,
    Thank you for your great blog! 🇧🇻
    My Norway fever is just rising again. Thank God, it starts again at the beginning of September. 😍
    I transferred money for the card last week Monday, today (one week later) she was already in the post. Apparently the delivery difficulties are overcome.
    Do you have any experience, what happens to the "overpaid" amount? I also rounded up, but the account is now after the deduction of the fee for the card still 3,450 NOK credited.
    Many greetings

    • Hei Wiebke,
      Many thanks for your comment and the nice compliment 🙂 It is great that it is currently obviously much faster and the cards are back in stock regularly. In this respect, nothing stands in the way of your / your journey 😉
      Unfortunately, we can not say much to you about the difference from rounding up. In der Regel wird das einfach als Differenz weg gebucht – so wie es die Norweger in den Supermärkten auch machen: Da es keine kleinere Münzen als die NOK mehr gibt, werden die Beträge immer auf volle NOK auf- oder abgerundet. Auf der anderen Seite kann es aber sein, dass sich auch der Kurs zwischen Überweisung und Verbuchung tatsächlich verschoben hat, so dass es trotz deiner Aufrundung gerade so aufging. Der Euro verliert zumindest in den letzten Tagen kräftig und die Krone gewinnt (hängt immer stark am Ölpreis). Hast du deinen überwiesenen Euro-Betrag mal aktuell in einen Währungsrechner eingegeben ? Wäre mal interessant, was da an NOK ausgewiesen wird ?
      Mehr können wir dazu erst einmal nicht sagen, außer dass du in jedem Fall mit der Karte sehr viel Geld sparen kannst und wirst. Damit sollte es in jedem Fall passen… 😉
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

    • Hey ihr Beiden,
      umgerechnet waren es 362 €, ich habe vorsichtshalber 370 € überwiesen. Das sind lt.meinem Währungsrechner jetzt 3.672 NOK. Mir war es wichtig, dass die 3.500 NOK ankommen, das hat geklappt und somit ist alles gut. 😁
      Hätte nur beim heutigen Stand der Technik damit gerechnet, dass „NOK-genau“ abgerechnet wird. 😉
      Da wir versuchen, zweimal im Jahr nach Norge zu kommen, mache ich mir über den Spareffekt absolut keine Sorgen. 🤭
      Schönes Wochenende!

    • Hei Wiebke,
      vielen Dank für das erneute Feedback und auch quasi die Entwarnung 😉 🙂 Letzten Endes werdet ihr eine ganz sicher wunderschöne Reise durch ein traumhaftes Land haben und ohnehin unbezahlbare Erlebnisse mitbringen 🙂
      Wir wünschen eine gute Fahrt und ganz norwegisch: GOD TUR.
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

    • Hey ihr Beiden,
      kurzes Feedback: unsere Fähre hätte regulär 520 NOK gekostet, dank der Karte haben wir nur 303 NOK bezahlt. 👍🏻 bleibt mehr für die Reisekasse! 💰💰💰
      Grüße von Husvær 🇧🇻