30 creative gift ideas for travelers, campers and adventurers


Do you know that too? Every year - whether for Christmas or a birthday - always the same question: what could you give ...? Or you just want to give good friends a little pleasure - but also want to buy something practical and not always the same. Then maybe a list with some creative gift ideas ...

We are often asked by friends or acquaintances what they can do us good, so with what articles they could give us pleasure. In the same way, we are also often asked for advice: Say you're traveling a lot too. What can I give to my loved ones with similar interests?

The range of possible gifts is infinitely large and yet one does not come up with the right one at the decisive moment. That's why we have put together the following list of gift ideas and tips for beautiful gifts. These are articles about which we would be pleased about ourselves, which we have discovered at some point or which we have already used and found to be good.

But let us also know, if we have forgotten the absolute tip for the perfect gift from your point of view. We look forward to your comments with cool ideas and other tips.

Transparency hint: The following products contain links in our own shop or to our affiliate partner Bol.com. Through your direct purchase through these links you support our work, as we receive a small commission. But for you there are no disadvantages, because you pay the regular prices.

Perfect gift ideas for travelers, travelers and world explorers

1st rubbel world map

A brilliant idea to give away for globetrotters and frequent travelers is a rubble world map. We have already given this away several times and have always arrived really well. You can not only scratch the countries that you have visited before. In addition, world-famous sights can be rubbed free here.

* To scratch card

Especially in the north or if you are generally in winter on the road, you face the well-known problem: With the conventional gloves, it can be handled poorly on the display of a smartphone. Take off gloves to look something on the phone? This is now - thanks to these gloves - finish!

* To the gloves

In addition to our normal pillows in the sleeping area, we have also added these small travel pillows. They perfectly support your head, especially if you want to read something in bed or work with the tablet. An ideal gift for travelers by car, train or plane.

* To the travel pillow

An ingenious gift and a must for every traveler. For us, our long journeys are always such that, due to the many impressions, we already have to take down one or the other detail. With this perfectly structured book you can capture the details and experiences of your own journey for eternity. In addition to beautiful travel quotes the diary offers additional plugins for notes, cards and also for pictures.

* To the travel diary

At least as awesome for globetrotters as the world map for free rubbing of the countries. Here, in addition to the countries visited, the cities already visited can be wonderfully pinned. In addition, the globe is also a great gift for children who are geographically interested and the perfect animation to get excited about foreign countries ...

* To the cork globe

A great investment was this protective case for our memory cards. Who does not know that? Everywhere the SD cards fly around and often enough you look for one of them. In this small plastic safe, all SD cards are stored in one place and also shockproof. Since many do not know that such a thing exists, a great gift idea ...

* To the memory card case

This bag is ideal for all activities, whether city trips, small hikes or walks. Pickpockets are unfortunately everywhere, where there are tourists. In this respect, giving away with this bum bag at the same time a little security. In practical terms, this variant is also equipped with an RFID Blocker for credit cards - an increasingly important topic.

* To the belly bag

The powerbank is also a very practical and always welcome gift. If you travel a lot you will not always and everywhere find a power outlet for charging the smartphone or tablet. For longer walks, this power bank is also excellent, so in the nature of the devices do not get out early. Incidentally, the solar panel from this list of gift ideas is also suitable. The solar panel is the perfect complement as the sun does not always shine and it can not store the energy.

* To the power bank

This item is even available as a gift on our own wish list. Especially for multi-day hikes such a solar panel is the perfect companion and helper. Since we usually have a lot of equipment on our tours, we also need a lot of power and charging options. The portable and foldable solar panel is rated at 19W maximum power and has 2 USB ports as features.

* To the solar charger

Perfect gifts for campers, outdoor fans and RV owners

This gift is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts - whether beginners or experienced fans. We appreciate this set, which we have also received as a gift and therefore it is on many tours in our backpack. The set, despite its small size, is equipped with many useful things. It contains, for example, a compass, a flint including a saw saw, a rescue blanket, an LED flashlight and a megalone pipe.

* To the survival set

This stylish hammock is also still on our wish list. It is ideal for chilling. This model (picture) has received great recessions, should be very stable and is made of extremely lightweight material. But the best part is that this hammock is suitable for two people. Romantic! Now only two trees are left to hang this hammock and relax properly.

* To the hammock

A great camping and outdoor items - whether in the RV or backpack. You can hang this kettle directly over the fire and it should not be missing here. There is nothing better than preparing and enjoying your coffee right next to a fire pit. The model is also suitable for use on a camping stove or gas field (induction works the way, too).

* To the kettle

Outdoor Grill Grate: Simple but ingenious. Since there are countless barbecue and campfire places in Scandinavia, we have gained this practical rust. Simply open, place in the open fire or the embers and you can start bobbing. This grill is super space-saving, even fits in the backpack and is also easy to clean.

* To the grill grate

What would be a trip through Scandinavia or a hike there without a campfire and the typical pans for the open fire ...? Sirko just loves this part. Whether steak, pan vegetables or pancakes - this Finnish quality product is ingenious, versatile and virtually indestructible.

* To the fire pan

Made of stainless steel and extendable grilled skewers with wooden handle are ideal for the preparation of sausages, marshmallows and much more over the campfire. We always have these skewers with us when we're on our road trips in Northern Europe.

* To the grill skewers

This practical Omina oven is currently on everyone's lips. No wonder, because he makes the hob in the motor home to the oven. So you have, among other things, the opportunity to enjoy on his camping trip freshly baked bread rolls. Many campers swear by this oven. Unfortunately we have to do without it for reasons of space ...

* To the Omnia oven

If you are looking for a really great gift, perhaps this helpful camper navigation device is just the ticket. With this GPS navigation from Garmin, you can, for example, enter the size of the motorhome and its weight. So you will be guided safely to its destination, taking into account the vehicle dimensions. This professional and RV specialized navigation also provides lifelong updates of maps and displays campsites in the area in addition to attractions. We use them for 60,000 kilometers and are very satisfied.

* To navigation

In addition to a flashlight, it is advisable to have at any time a headlamp at hand. The advantage is that you have your hands free to handle. We do not want to miss our headlamps when walking in the twilight / darkness or during the nightly photo sessions under the northern lights. Therefore, we have several versions of it in the motorhome and in the backpacks.

* To the headlamp

It is really Christmas and cozy in the car or RV with this little Schwibbogen from the Erzgebirge. He conjures up an atmospheric atmosphere on long winter evenings with his small lights. This cool candle arch has economical LED lights and works with batteries.

* To the Schwibbogen

Also this small Christmas tree is an enrichment during Christmas time and a real eye-catcher in the motorhome. The Christmas tree is equipped with LED bulbs and a USB port. Thus, it is versatile and conjures even in the smallest space a Christmas mood.

* To the Christmas tree

Beautiful and high-quality outdoor knife from Marttiini (Finland)
Marttiini uses a high-quality, stainless chrome steel for the crystal-clear cut blade. The handle is made of Scandinavian birch wood. This great gift comes in a beautiful brown leather sheath. This gift is a keepsake for eternity and will certainly make the heart of every Northern Europe fan beat faster.

* To the Finnish knife

A great binoculars from Nikon and perfect for wildlife observation. With us this good piece must not be missing in the meantime. It is quite small, light and therefore very handy. In addition, this binocular is waterproof and coated by the premium brand Nikon, so it does not fog up. Especially on our tour in Iceland the binoculars were always there. So we could watch the cute puffins at close range.

* To binoculars

Who does not know that? Especially in the motorhome you need storage space for the countless little things. Pens, lighters, writing pad. Hard drives, flashlights and much more have to be accommodated and found again ... With this organizer, which is attached to the backrest of the seats, there is finally order. With this gift idea you will definitely hit the bull's-eye ...

* To the organizer

At first glance, one thinks that this is a normal fire extinguisher. So you have to look very carefully to see that this is really just a dummy and in fact a safe. Here you can easily store important or personal valuables. Eventual burglars are given the impression that there is nothing to get here ...

* To the fire extinguisher safe

Simple and ingenious! If in the summer the bloodsuckers are annoying, then sometime they caught us, then the big itching begins. It is usually tried with various anti-itching agents, but nothing really helps. But with this practical stitch healer, you can get rid of the puncture site within seconds and have peace of mind right away. Try it - it works great.

* To the Stichheiler

Bad weather when traveling? No problem, with this set of different popular classic games you will not be bored. Such a game night in the motorhome with a candle, entertaining games and a good glass of wine makes forget any rainy weather. Without a collection of games, therefore, nothing is possible on our travels ...

* To the game collection

Gifts for northern European and Scandinavian fans

Scandinavia is the dream destination of many travelers ... Anyone who has been traveling in Denmark , Sweden , Norway , Iceland or Finland is then almost incurably infected with wanderlust. Many travelers come again and again and enjoy the freedom of a camping or campervan holiday amidst beautiful landscapes. The right travel guide awakens the longing, helps with the perfect preparation and is usually a great gift idea.

* To the overview of the travel guides

6 times a year exciting travel reports, reports, competitions, reader trips and much more from Scandinavia. As a new subscriber to the Northern Europe magazine NORDIS, you will receive either the current travel guide "Scandinavia 2019" or an attractive coupon for various online shops as a bonus. A great gift for all people who can not get enough of the north.

* To the order form of the subscription

If you travel a lot in the north, you will love these small delicious particles, the cake or the great tasting tartlets, which are available in a large selection. For all the sweet tooth, who would like to bake one or the other, this special baking book is just right for you.

* To the baking book

30. Wall calendar

A great gift idea is a wall calendar - regardless of whether you're designing yourself or buying our Nordlandblog Premium Wall Calendar in our shop. With the loving selection of beautiful photographs from Norway, you can make every Scandinavian fan a pleasure. The calendar is available only for a short time each year and strictly limited in an edition of only 333 pieces.

* To the calendar NORWAY 2020 in our shop

Conny and Sirko

"Yes, we love this country ..." - that's the beginning of the Norwegian national anthem, and yes, we too - Conny Sirko - love this country, its inhabitants, the magnificent scenery, the peace and tranquility that we enjoy there and throughout Scandinavia Find. We've been touring the North more than 20 times - at different times, in many regions and in all variations. The idea for this homepage came to us last year, because then we have the opportunity to write the permanent wanderlust to the north of the soul and hopefully inspire you for it. So: heading north!

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