Choosing the right Actioncam and alternatives to GoPro


GoPro Inc , an American technology company headquartered in San Mateo, California, claims to produce the world's most versatile actioncams. That may or may not be true. In any case, the GoPros are the best-known action cams, trendsetters of a newly emerged camera segment and offer a large selection of different models. However, this is also reflected in the price, which is often relatively high compared to competing offers. So we looked around the market for Actioncam alternatives from other manufacturers for the popular GoPros.

What is an actioncam?

An actioncam is a small digital camera that lets you take moving pictures. In this respect, it represents the modern successor to the rather cumbersome video cameras of our parents and grandparents. However, it is built much more resistant and can take a lot of bumps, falls and also weather conditions. Its case is waterproof and does not allow dust to penetrate, making it the ideal camera for adventure travel and action.

This description makes it clear that actioncams are designed for outdoor use. So their obvious field of application in sports , where the camera is also hit once by a stray ball, could be involved in a collision or fall or fall under a horse hoof. For an old video camera or even a sensitive digital camera and many a cell phone that would probably be the end. But an actioncam has much better chances of survival.

As already mentioned action cameras are waterproof. Although this does not automatically mean that every Actioncam is also suitable for use as an underwater camera, but in fact there are also from most manufacturers to buy additional housing for underwater shooting. Since actioncams can also be attached very well to various objects, they are often worn by divers on the diving goggles or parachutists on the goggles. So they have their hands free and still can record their experience from their own perspective and later share it with family and friends.

"But it is also less spectacular. Already during a normal hike , the Actioncam is often better advised than with the mobile phone, as the device can very easily slip out of your hand and fall onto the rock floor or into a puddle. You also have to worry less about using it in the rain, in the snow or in a storm, " say the experts from Outdoormeister .

However, indoor use is also possible. Although there is much less risk of the camera getting a bump or getting wet except when filming risky home improvement work, it is still practically mountable and delivers recordings in much better quality than the cell phone.

But now to the actual topic. Which other manufacturers of Actioncams offer recommended products? We looked at a few manufacturers.

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The Sony company offers a good selection of different Actioncam models, which can not only match those of GoPro, but they have beaten in a test of even significantly. The test winner in this test was the * Sony FDR-X3000R . certifies them especially good performances in low light conditions.

Picture: © Sony


The *

Image: © Garmin


Samsung was third with its Gear 360 in the test already mentioned at Garmin Stiftung Warentest. It stands out mainly because of its much cheaper price and just the price is often the main drawback of an original GoPro Actioncam.

Drift and Nikon

The lesser known company Drift could in a test by Videoaktiv with her model * Nikon KeyMission 170 . With only four participants, this test was quite small, but both winners are quite interesting alternatives to a GoPro dar. Videoaktiv praised in Drift especially the modular concept, which allows an individual adaptation to the use and at Nikon the wide angle.

Image: © Nikon


The *



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