Detailed instructions: How to order your toll-chip from AutoPass Norway


The ultimate German manual with all details, screenshots from the ordering process and many important information for your order:

There are several providers and systems where you can register or register for the Norwegian toll system. You can read about it and whether it makes sense or in your case may even be required to register and eventually purchase an electronic chip in our separate guide .

The leading and best-known provider of automated billing and for granting different discounts is the Norwegian consortium AutoPass, which is subordinate to the Norwegian road administration authority "Statens Vegvesen". Therefore, in this detailed guide for this provider, we would like to answer the questions about ordering the chip (also called Brikke) and explain the ordering process step by step.

Admittedly, we found the ordering process of Ferjekort, which is also managed and billed via AutoPass, a little easier, but together we can do it .... 🙂

To order the chip, first of all, you have to go to the following website: . The homepage offers the following >

Important note in advance after the experiences of some readers: You have to enter your mobile phone number in some places, also to be able to log in again and again in the future. It is important to enter these in the correct international format, otherwise you will lock yourself out of the customer's account. The access codes will not reach you then. This means that from a German mobile number, as an example of the 0172-12345678 here now the +4917212345678 must become (country code for Germany +49 before and remove for that the "zero" of the area code).

In the menu bar of the page there is the tab "My Page". You have to choose this point to start the ordering process.

Now the following new window appears. Here I can choose between the >"Jeg har ikke ID-porten bruker"

Now a window opens, in which one enters his E-Mail address and a password (at least 8 characters, consisting of numbers and letters). In addition, you have to choose whether the chip is used privately or for business. In most cases, you will use this chip privately and not settle accounts through a company.

Once you have done that, you should have received a confirmation e-mail from AutoPass with a link after a short time. Click on this link ("TRYKK HER") and login again with your selected data (e-mail address and password).

Image of the email confirmation from AutoPass Norway

Note: The future login in your customer account works for security reasons only with the so-called "two-way authentication". After entering your e-mail address, you will be sent a code to your mobile phone every time that you have to enter during registration.

At the first sign you will be asked if you have already entered into a contract with a toll company. This question is usually answered with "no" - so click on the following answer: "Nei, jeg vil opprette en ny avtale" and confirm your input with "Gå videre"

Explanation: To understand the Norwegian toll system, it is important to know that there are many regional toll companies in Norway that have their own tariffs and discounts for their region. For the automatic recording and billing of the thoroughfares these companies use the service of AutoPass and its chip system with the electronic keys (Brikke).

A Norwegian who lives in Bergen and mostly travels there, will make a contract (Avtale) with the toll company "Bergen and surroundings", as he receives a corresponding discount on the routes of the company through this contract. If he drives now for example Oslo, his journeys are registered there also with the chip and settled on his customer account with AutoPass. But he does not receive the discount there, which a resident of Oslo gets, who has a contract with the local toll company (Avtale).

For us foreigners it means that it almost does not matter which toll company we choose. Usually one takes one of the societies in the cities and regions, where one drives anyway or will be on the way a lot. This choice actually has little to do with the chip.

In the following form now the information must be supplemented. But first a toll company with which one wants to enter into a contract must be chosen. We chose a company in Bergen, as we are more frequent in this region. Once everything is filled in and you confirm with "Lagre ", it's almost done.

In addition, the personal profile must be filled in, because the chip is sent to the address given there.

Now only a few vehicle data have to be added: First, the country code and the license plate number are queried. Then the weight of the vehicle is asked. Here you choose between 3 possible vehicle categories:

  • Easy up to 3500 kg
  • M1 Motorhome (or heavy passenger vehicle)
  • Hard over 3500 kg

Soooo to finish the contract and fill in the terms and conditions and then you finally made it.

The chip has been ordered and will be sent to the specified postal address within the next 10 days.

We got our chip already after 6 working days and that's what it looks like 🙂

The chip deposit of 200 Norwegian kroner will be deducted on the first invoice. At the end of the order you can still choose how to get your bill from the toll company you used to make an agreement with (Avtale). Most companies offer the routes by e-mail or alternatively by mail. Since we often have to travel long, we chose the variant "E-Mail Rechnung". Which options are available at your toll company or which rules apply there, you can look at in advance or during the ordering process on their homepage.

An overview of all Norwegian toll companies with tariffs, discounts and links to their homepages can be found on this LINK.

Important note: In Norway, more and more environmental toll zones are being set up, where different tariffs / prices apply depending on the vehicle and the time of day (currently in Oslo). Therefore, it is important to register additionally with EPC in order to deposit or indicate the correct pollutant class and fuel type of your vehicle. You can also find the link to register here:

There you can easily log in with your e-mail address and your AutoPass chip number and complete the data. For legitimacy, the vehicle registration certificate must be uploaded as an image file with the approval number to be recognized.

You do not need to be afraid of double billing. If you have an AutoPass contract and the chip, the collection and billing over it always has priority.

For company vehicles over 3.5 t (including a motorhome rented in Germany !!) is the Chippflicht. For hauling these vehicles in Norway without a valid toll, it hails sensitive penalties.

If this rule is violated, a fee of NOK 8,000 will be charged. If repeated within two years, the fee increases to NOK 16 000. The fee is payable within three weeks - even if you file an appeal . Otherwise, the fee will increase by 50% to NOK 12 000, or NOK 24 000.


There is a form in German on the homepage, which must be completed as soon as a commercial vehicle is traveling in Norway.

The following providers are valid in Norway: AutoPass, BroBizz from Øresund and Storebælt and AutoBizz from Scandlines.

Tip: discuss the procedure with the landlord - in our understanding, it is cheaper if the form by the owner, so the landlord of the vehicle is completed. To the form

If the time is not sufficient for an order before the trip, you can also pick up the chip at the border at the customs stations. In that case you have to fill in a form which you can find here .

Another product that is distributed by / via AutoPass is the so-called Ferjekort - a kind of prepaid card, with which you can pay for the ferries in Norway and thus receive corresponding discounts up to 50% on the tariff. More information and the detailed order instructions can be found in this article about Ferjekort.

Hopefully we were able to eliminate any ambiguity about AutoPass Chip / Brikke. We look forward to your feedback, your experiences, comments or additions.

Conny and Sirko

"Yes, we love this country ..." - that's the beginning of the Norwegian national anthem, and yes, we too - Conny Sirko - love this country, its inhabitants, the magnificent scenery, the peace and tranquility that we enjoy there and throughout Scandinavia Find. We've been touring the North more than 20 times - at different times, in many regions and in all variations. The idea for this homepage came to us last year, because then we have the opportunity to write the permanent wanderlust to the north of the soul and hopefully inspire you for it. So: heading north!


  • Hi,
    the whole thing helped me a lot already.
    However, I still have two questions:
    1.) I drive with a car under 3.5 T, but this pulls a trailer. The combination would then weigh more than 3.5 T - I have to pay special attention?
    2.) Can I create an account and order multiple chips for multiple vehicles?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hei Malte,

      Thank you for your message and related questions, which we would like to answer below:

      1. Trailers are neglected in the Norwegian toll system, since anyway, only the passage is registered on the basis of the chip or just a photo of the plate and is incidental, if at this moment a trailer is pulled. This is only on the ferries and on the bridges an issue, since the tariffs there are based on the length. With the AutoPass chip / Brikke, you do not have to consider anything.
      2. That goes with the account and several chips for multiple vehicles. After your first registration, you can still add more vehicles at any time, as the Norwegians do, for example, when a second car is purchased, for example.

      We hope that our information will help you in the form and wish in any case already in advance a good trip.

      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hi,

    First of all, thank you very much for your website, which helps a lot to be able to click through this confusing toll system.

    We want to go to Norway next August (2020). But I'm already busy with all points. How long before you should actually order the chip?

    I have a few minor questions that you may spontaneously have an answer for.

    With the offerers I understood that the choice of the offerer are rather interesting for the locally resident Norwegians, because there are local discounts.

    1) Do you know if there is an overview somewhere, where you can compare your own route with the discounts, to decide which provider is the best?

    2) A similar question: Is there a toll provider, where one knows beforehand, that one gets on with German? It must be communicated at the notice and the license plate (see later question) if necessary with the provider and there it would help, if there someone finds someone, the German or English can and whose Website is if necessary tailored to tourists

    I still have a problem and although I have no mark. Our RV has told us that they do not want to agree to the date of pickup, which RV we receive, because always something can happen. Therefore, we get notified only on the day of our departure the license plate.
    How can we react to that? Is it possible to register this? This will be on Friday evenings, as we would either rely on the possibility of an understandable website or hotline.

    Thank you for your help!

    We are looking forward to Norway

    • Dear Marcus,

      many, many thanks for your nice and detailed comment as well as the demands. At the same time we say "SORRY" for the slightly delayed answer. But after traveling in Scandinavia for three months, there was a hell of a lot of stress and a lot of stress ... But we do not have some time with your topics if the trip is scheduled for August 2020. Regardless, it is good and right to think about it now and to start the preparations. Therefore, now to your questions or the answers to it:

      1. There is unfortunately no classic overview. We have posted here (LINK) in which we present and explain an online tool with which you can calculate your own tour in terms of tolls and ferries. In the beginning, one can recognize in which region most of the costs are incurred and thus it must be assumed that an "avtale" with the company from this region is also the most favorable. However, it has a little blur. But we are talking about a normal trip here maybe from 3 - 5 Euro difference. In any case, you already save by registering with AutoPass, as you will get almost 20% "Brikke discount" almost all over the country.

      In general, we usually recommend to take the company from Bergen, as you will usually be there more often and there are good discounts but also many toll stations ...

      2. German makes it difficult or you can not rely on it, even if many Norwegians speak German. Therefore, we can not give a recommendation here. But you will continue to speak English everywhere, and communication will usually be via email. In this respect, the Google translator always helps if necessary. Unfortunately, at least the websites are not tailored to tourists, since these fees are always and just in case of emergency driven by EPC. Because sophisticated system with AutoPass is more intended for local and commercial use. But that will continue to change in 2020 as centralization in Norway increases (provinces will merge, etc.) and the Ferjekort will be even more integrated into the system.

      3. That's not a problem. You can change the license plate on the evening of your departure. Usually this is done by mail and is therefore not a problem. We will not be able to answer the impact and relevance that Ferjekort will have from 2020 (if you also want to order them) until it is clear how far the link between AutoPass Brikke and Ferjekort has progressed.

      We hope that we have been able to help you with this and that the preparations are going according to your wishes. If there is still a question, then feel free to contact us at any time. Otherwise, we also update our posts here as soon as there are changes or news.

      In this sense, already a good trip and in advance a beautiful Christmas.

      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hello you, super page and keep it up * thumbs up *
    I have a question about chip ... we were in Norway at the beginning of August and ordered a car pass card in advance, credit on it and in August, everything worked so well. Now we have read that there is a chip and have ordered this (as in your picture).
    Question: Do we have two options to pay or can we rewrite the card / credit on the chip?
    I will enjoy your answers.
    Thank you in advance and keep it up !!!

    • Hey Jennifer,
      Thank you first for your really nice comment and the compliment ... Let's take 🙂 🙂
      Now to your question: The credit remains as usual on your card - at least for the foreseeable future. According to our information, nothing will and should change in the short term. Rather, it is about the fact that now in the future, the chip is to a greater extent than before the actual means of payment. So on some (few) ferries, you will continue to pay with the holiday resort, on other ferries your chip will be scanned (and the money will be debited from your credit on the Ferjekort) and on other ferries, you are going through a kind of toll station, too scans your chip.
      It's hard to explain, but let's try this picture: You have an account (credit on Ferjekort) and you have a credit card (your Ferjekort). In the future, you will now also be able to connect your account with your smartphone (AutoPass chip) in order to pay for it as well.
      What we honestly do not know exactly, because we first ordered the chip and then the Ferjekort: Connects that in retrospect automatically (ie your Ferjekort account with the chip) or you have somewhere in Ferjekort account still your number from the chip enter. That could be possible. Please check that so please so that nothing goes wrong.
      We hope that we have explained it reasonably well and now send greetings from our current road trip from Finland,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hi,
    I am now a step further and have ordered thanks to your great instructions, the chip and the Ferjekort 🙂 Our vacation is (unfortunately) over again, but now I am somehow on the hose, or can not remember quite so well. Will I get extra toll bills again? Because there are already a lot of tolls listed, but I have not received mail yet. Or I have to pay now because of the online list, are just under 60 €, but I find no bank account ...
    Thanks a lot and keep up with your great site! 🙂
    LG Eva

    • Hey Eva,

      Thank you for your comment and the nice feedback. We can only understand the sadness after the Norway trip ... As far as your tolls calculation is concerned: depending on the company you have chosen for, you will either receive an e-mail with the invoice or an invoice by mail, which you then paid by bank transfer. Some companies also send an e-mail to pay and then, if no money is received, another bill by mail. With which company did you conclude the toll agreement ...?
      Greetings and a nice weekend,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hello Conny and Sirko,

    First, I find your page super great and the many information have brought me really much. I can only say thumbs up and keep it up.
    We are now going to Norway from mid-September to mid-October and want to drive to the North Cape. Let's see if it works. We let it come to us. I still have a question about the cost of the ferry connections. Can you pay with the chip? Greetings Dagmar

    • Hei Dagmar,
      Thank you for the nice feedback and the associated "motivation boost" ... 🙂 🙂
      Your question can and we would like to answer you - even if it only once a clear "JEIN" is ... You can currently pay some ferry connections with the AutoPass chip, but get there only about 10% discount. The Norwegians are very angry that more and more ferry connections are being switched to this automatic payment and they therefore receive less discount than with the Ferjekort. There you usually get around the 50% discount. So in that sense, it is also very likely for you to order the Ferjekort. You can also find the instructions in our blog 🙂
      So that you can see on which route you can pay with the AutoPass chip (Brikke) and at the same time, as well as on which passages the Ferjekort is accepted, you are welcome to go to this page, where the connections are all listed afterwards: LINK AutoPass Norge
      We hope to have helped you with this. If there are any questions, then feel free to contact us at any time. By the way, you are traveling in an ingenious time ... 😉
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

    • Hi you two,
      Many thanks for your feedback. 🙂 We really hope that we have reasonably good weather as we travel with a tent and a dog.
      best regards

  • Hello you two,

    thank you for the thumb! The car pass chip arrived yesterday, 3 days before departure. It took some nerves, but now we can look forward to our journey. Hope to see you…. Kjære helps Dana

    • Hei Dana,

      Thank you very much for your kind feedback 🙂 We are glad that it worked and wish you a great trip. We are currently at the Sognefjord and would be pleased, if you actually meet in person.

      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hello you two!
    First a big "respect" and "hats off" for the effort that must have cost you this site. These are sometimes bundled information on all topics that might interest a Scandinavia newbie.
    For us it's the end of August to Norway. We have rented a motorhome with more than 3.5 to. Accordingly, I ordered the chip, since duty. But I am not sure if I chose the right vehicle. I clicked "M1-WoMo", because I have used the final classification in the price category of the toll. Or maybe I would have had to click on the registration "heavy over 3.500 kg"? Then I will probably have to change the vehicle after having assigned the chip number with a click on the correct weight class.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback and best regards!

    • Hello Stephan,

      Thank you very much for your super nice commentary and the "flowers" that we like to use as motivation for future posts and content ... 🙂
      With the tariff M1 you have done everything right and we can also imagine what makes you feel insecure: The regulations for commercial vehicles is usually spoken by heavy vehicles and just the duty for RVs over 3.5 tons. But that has nothing to do with the tariff. To put it another way: in terms of the general rules, you drive a heavy commercial vehicle, namely a rental mobile home over 3.5 tonnes. In terms of tariffs you drive a motorhome, which - if you use a chip (and therefore you should always do that) - in any case in the favorable tariff group M1 is performed. So - everything chic 🙂
      You then only have to change the license plate and necessarily change back to your private license plate after the trip or cancel the chip / agreement. A colleague yesterday published a bill on Facebook, which has reached him, because the next tenant of his used motorhome also in Norway on the road and the license plate of this motorhome was still connected to his customer account ... 🙁
      We wish you a nice and wonderful trip to beautiful Norway. Maybe we'll meet? We are up from the coming Monday until the end of September
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

    • Thank you for your prompt reply. Then I am reassured that I have probably chosen the right vehicle class. The tip with the re-registration / cancellation directly after the trip, I will heed.
      However, I have made the order of the chip on the instructions from above, which ends with the photo of the chip. Among them is still the form for commercial motorhomes. Do you have to fill in that too? This reads for me, as if you would get another chip about it.
      I wish you first a nice stay, which is very long (* envy * ...). If you have an approximate route, my e-mail address is yours, if necessary, you are really on the way.
      Many greetings!

  • Hello you two,
    Thank you for your good descriptions. But I could not register the car pass properly, so when I stated the beginning of the trip I could not register anything and therefore no end (did I possibly enter the license plate incorrectly SI-DE 200). And now my e-mail address is registered, but I do not know how to log in again, without ID porten. Re-registration did not work.
    Can you give me a hint?
    Many thanks. Dana

    • Hello Dana,

      Thank you for your comment and the related request. However, your two topics have nothing to do with each other. Therefore in turn: A start date or end date for the "Avtale" must and should not be entered. After all, you'll get an electronic key to drive through the detection facilities on the Norwegian roads. If you drive through, it will be paid and settled, you will not go through - then nothing will happen. So the point is totally irrelevant and for us, as foreign users mostly irrelevant.
      To log in: As we have written, you need to log in the PIN, which is sent to your mobile number. If you do not receive this, then you have not entered your mobile number correctly (see our note on this in the post, as this obviously happens more often). Here you can only send an email in English to AutoPass stating your e-mail address and your other data and send your mobile phone number in this way, so that you can then log in again. Unfortunately, there will hardly be another option.
      We keep our fingers crossed that it works 🙂
      Best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hello my dears,
    I have now chosen the same toll company as you did in the example above. But we will be pretty much all over Norway. That should not be a problem, right?
    We get then a "total bill" right?

    Thank you and best regards.

    • Hei Angelina,

      Thank you for your nice comment and the request. In fact, this is not a problem and as I said, this distribution is anyway huaptsähclih relevant for the Norwegians, so they get the highest / best discounts in their home region. You will then receive in your AutoPass account a total bill of account for all passages in Norway and thus the whole thing is done 😉 🙂
      Now we wish you a nice trip in advance and maybe you will see each other upstairs ... From Monday to the end of September we will finally be back in dreamland 🙂 Best regards, Conny and Sirko

    • Dear Conny, dear Sirko,
      Thank you for the fast answer! We are looking forward to our 3-week journey, many of us are always looking at how long we want to go there. And we are almost sad to have only three weeks left. 😉
      Enjoy your stay! 🙂
      Best regards. 🙂

  • Hello you two. How do I proceed if I have chosen the wrong weight class when ordering the toll chip. Should I delete the existing vehicle or create a completely new vehicle? I assume that the chip is already on the way. We borrow a motorhome with 3,5t.

    Best regards Christian

    • Hello Christian,
      this is usually not a problem, as these facts can constantly change through the purchase or sale of vehicles. The best thing to do in this case is either to let them know via e-mail AutoPass or actually delete the vehicle and re-create it as if you had just bought a new car. The chip remains so regardless connected with you and your name / account and serves so only the exact recording of your transits with the then deposited each vehicle.
      We hope that this information will help you and send you greetings,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hey you two. Have ordered a Brobizz now. went completely easy.Bropas not worthwhile for us.Noch a trifle.We wanted to register our dog in advance at customs, you know where that works?

    Greeting Oliver

    • Hei Oliver,
      well that sounds perfect 🙂 This is the point ever clarified. Unfortunately, we can not really help with the topic of dogs because we are traveling without pets. But we like to pass the question on to the other readers here - maybe someone can help quickly and spontaneously ....?
      But now, first of all, a good trip and best regards,
      Conny and Sirko

  • Hello Connie and Sirko,
    find your Nordlandblog very interesting. Here I have already found more information than in the whole weeks before. Also want to go to Norway this year - but with the caravan. Do you know how that is calculated? Definitely want to order a chip. Do we have to give any details here. Our team is> 3,5t
    Unfortunately, one always finds only answers to WoMO's.
    Many thanks
    and greetings

    • Hello Vera,

      Thank you for your comment and the great compliment ... 🙂 We would very much like to respond to your question, because indeed the system as well as the tariffs are not always so easy to see through. In essence, you take the question from the fact that you want to register and you anyway, because with it, even larger and heavier vehicles are billed in the favorable M1 class. Daher empfehlen wir auch die Anschaffung des Chips inklusive der damit einhergehenden Registrierung, da man sonst oft unnötig mehr bezahlt. Du kannst es gut und genau auf dieser deutschen Erklärung von AutoPass noch einmal nachlesen, wo auch explizit Wohnwagen mit aufgeführt sind: LINK ZU AUTOPASS .
      Wir hoffen, dass dir / euch das erst einmal so hilft…? Wichtiger ist es aber, wenn ihr mit Wohnwagen unterwegs seid, über die Ferjekort nachzudenken, da es dort tatsächlich sehr stark um die Länge des Gespanns geht. Voraussetzung ist natürlich, dass es auf eurer Route einige Fähren gibt 🙂
      Liebe Grüße und schon einmal vorab eine gute Reise,
      Conny and Sirko