Intended: “Ailo's journey” through the almost untouched nature of Lapland


In "Ailo's Journey" the little reindeer Ailo defies the dangers of the icy wilderness of Lapland.

The little reindeer Ailo is born far too early. The wild reindeer herd is on the way to the summer pasture when Ailo's mother realizes that she will probably not make it until then. She moves away from the herd to find a safe place to give birth to her little one. Of course, the mother knows how extremely dangerous it is to leave the herd, as there are wolf packs nearby. But she has no other choice ... As soon as she has found a reasonably safe place, little Ailo sees the light of day.

The little reindeer Ailo sees the world

The newborn has just five minutes to get up and follow the mother who wants to get back to the herd as soon as possible. Ailo tries with all his might to stand up, but his legs don't really want to obey him yet.

The mother is extremely nervous and does not really know whether she should stay with her little one or rather pursue the herd as soon as possible. In the distance she can still see the other reindeer in the herd. If she goes, little Ailo is surely doomed to die.

Fortunately, she chooses Ailo, who is slowly being followed by his legs. After a short time, the two set off and hope that they can now catch up with the herd together. But with the little reindeer, the mother is much slower on the move ...

On the way to the summer pasture, the little reindeer calf discovers some other animals in the great nature of Lapland. For example, it hits a cute arctic fox, who is desperately looking for a partner. It gets to know a lemming that moves so quickly that you can hardly follow it, but also a pack of wolves that are just waiting for a small reindeer calf to lose touch with the protective herd.

Images: Some cute film scenes from Ailo's acquaintances during his exciting journey (© screenshots from the film “Ailo's Journey”)

In addition to the unique animal pictures, which can be seen in the best quality, this film perfectly captures the almost untouched, wild nature in the north of Scandinavia. The cinematic journey through Lapland leads us past imposing fjords, through the majestic mountains as well as traveling rivers and lots and lots of snow. The recordings are implemented in perfect quality and a real film enjoyment on the Blu-ray.

Ailo's Journey is a film for young and old. We followed his adventures with great excitement and hoped all the time that nothing would happen to the cute guy during his exciting journey. The great shots from Ailo's acquaintances put a smile on our faces.

The arctic fox finds a partner and starts a family

This film is an impressive reminder of how great but also sensitive our nature is. May we protect them and keep them as long as possible.

Director Guillaume and his team followed one of the last wild reindeer herds in Lapland for two years. In this way they were able to document the early stages of life of the little Ailos up close and film them in a spectacular way. They braved the wind and weather and this is how this unique, beautiful adventure film was created, in which a small reindeer calf plays the main role for the first time.

The only point of criticism from us: We would have preferred a different German narrative voice.

We therefore award 4 out of 5 stars for this film:

Lapland in all its beauty
  • Original title: "AILOS REISE" (France / Finland 2018)
  • Genre: adventure, documentary, animal film
  • Director:   Guillaume Maidatchevsky, German voice Anke Engelke
  • Running time: DVD: 83 min. / Blu-ray: 87 min.
  • Actors: Ailo and his acquaintances ...
  • Age rating: no age limit
  • Picture format: DVD: 2.38: 1 (16: 9) / Blu-ray: 1.85: 1 (1920x1080p)
  • Subtitles: German
  • Bonus material: Original trailer / German trailer / bonus clips
  • Audio DVD: German (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Blu-ray sound: German DTS-HD MA 5.1 / French DTS-HD MA 5.1

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Have fun with Ailo's adventures in wild Lapland

Transparency note: For the review of this film, the German publisher eastside communication (brand of Braintown GmbH) provided us with a review copy of the Blu-ray "AILOS REISE" free of charge. Due to our principles and our claim as authentic bloggers, this does not influence our perception or our opinion in any way, authenticity is our greatest asset and our enthusiasm cannot be bought. eastside communication (Marke der Braintown GmbH) zur Verfügung gestellt. The pictures for this contribution were also made available to us by the German publisher eastside communication (brand of Braintown GmbH).

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