Hiking on Vesterålen: a magnificent view from the summit of Måtind (Norway)


An absolute highlight on Vesterålen is the hike to the summit of Måtind, to which we take you in this post.

The summit of Måtind on the island of Andøya is one of the most visited mountains on Vesterålen. Why? Because the just 408 meter high mountain peak provides a sensational view of the coast, the seemingly endless sea and the lonely bay Høyvika.

Panoramic picture from our tour to the summit of Måtind

Directions to the Baugtua car park

The starting point for our variant of the tour on Måtind can be reached via road FV 976. The small, somewhat inconspicuous parking lot is located directly on the road between Stave and Bleik in Baugtua. From here, among other things, the hike to the summit begins. The tour to the summit of Måtinden, 3.8 kilometers away, is signposted along with other hikes in the region:

From the Baugtua car park, some hikes start in the Bleik region (Vesterålen)

We park our panel van in Baugtua, pack our backpacks and put on our mountain boots. After a last check of the weather forecast on the Norwegian weather site yr.no , we will soon be ready.

We will hike light luggage on this tour. Nevertheless, we take our fleece shirts and a thermos bottle with warm tea in our backpack. Although according to the weather forecast it should remain as dry as possible, we also pack our rainwear for safety, because the weather changes quickly on the coast.

The first part of the path is fastened with wooden planks

The path begins at the parking lot on some paved wooden planks that help to cross an obviously marshy meadow. But after a short time it goes - again - through a wonderful little birch grove.

Shortly after the start of the tour, the path leads through this small birch grove
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The path is well marked with a red circle. In addition, he has a little bit so that you can orientate yourself at any time. At important waypoints, additional signposts help you to reach your destination safely.

After the hike through the birch grove you can already reach open terrain

After the short distance through the small birch grove on the mountain slope, you soon reach the tree line and thus open terrain. The path leads steadily but gently upwards.

The first view back towards Bleik

Not long ago, just above the parking lot, you are rewarded for the first time with a wonderful view towards Bleik. We now continue above the tree line and in front of us lies the wonderfully golden glowing mountain. The autumn colors in Norway are simply incredible and make this season the perfect season for us to hike.

The slope becomes a little steeper and the path leads upwards in serpentines.

A little further the path leads upwards in serpentines on the somewhat steeper mountain slope. Nevertheless, this section is also easy to walk and no longer risky. The higher we get, the rougher the terrain becomes until we finally reach a boulder field that has to be crossed.

Mini gallery "The path over the scree on the mountain slope"

On the stones in the scree, it is not so easy to spot the red dots on the boulders. Some of the boulders are loose, so caution is really needed here. This section is the most challenging part of this hike up Måtind. If you have completed this stage, you already have the worst behind you ...

On this plateau, the path leads relaxed to the summit of Måtind

The view opens even further above the hill. From here you can relax on a high plateau above the sea towards the summit. The many cairns show us the way from a distance. The landscape up here is incredibly impressive and the views are no less spectacular.

The view up here is incredibly gigantic in all directions

From far away we discover the signpost, which shows various goals from this point. At this point, our route crosses the coastal path that runs here along the cliffs, beaches and mountains. This way, further or different hikes can be combined or you can go on a larger, more demanding circular hike in this region.

Today, however, our direction is clear and predetermined: It goes straight to the summit of Måtind. But we're definitely not the last time up here ...

Crossroads on the way to the summit of Måtind (Vesterålen)

It's just wonderful to be up here. Except for a few like-minded people, we are all alone and the silence is only interrupted by a few sheep that can be heard in the distance. We often stop to look around and enjoy the constantly changing view.

Meanwhile, the summit of Måtind is clearly the highest point in the distance. From here it takes about half an hour to the destination. The path is not particularly demanding and cannot be missed.

Mini gallery "The last meters to the goal"

The last few meters before the highest point are a bit sweaty again, but as soon as you have reached the summit, everything is forgotten. Done! What a panorama!

The highest point: 408 meters above sea level on the summit of Måtind

No sooner have we reached Måtind than the summit is explored in all directions. Then, as usual, we write down in the summit book, which is in the red mailbox. We are now at the highest point in the area and are enjoying this breathtaking 360 degree view.

The view from a height of 400 meters speaks for itself

The rugged, pointed peaks, which protrude like rocky peaks into the sea, inspire us. If you consider that we are just 400 meters high and can enjoy such a spectacular view - simply brilliant.

The colors of autumn are a great contrast to the deep blue of the sea

We look for a place sheltered from the wind and enjoy the view with a warm cup of tea. A family from Switzerland joins in a little later, but soon goes on. So we are alone most of the time and can hardly believe it.

View of one of the lonely bays that can only be reached by boat or on foot

But suddenly a cold wind lifts up and a bad weather front approaches at high speed. What to do? Start your way back quickly? We decide to stay here because we wouldn't be able to get to the car in time anyway. We quickly put on our rainwear and look for a reasonably protected spot. We stow our equipment in a crevice to protect it from the rain. Soon the storm blows extremely and the rain is constantly lashing against our protective clothing. Now there is hail too ... and the view is zero.

For a few minutes you have the feeling that the world is going under. The large amount of water crawls up our trousers, despite our rainwear, while we huddle behind a rock, sheltered from the wind. But as soon as this storm came, it will soon pull out again.

These pictures would not exist with blue sky and sunshine ...

After about 15 minutes, all the spook is over, the sun is shining again and there are breathtaking lighting scenes above the sea. Sirko`s photographer's heart is beating faster and the wet pants are quickly forgotten.

After countless pictures we slowly make our way back. A hike that will be remembered for a long time and that shows once again that you should never underestimate the weather.

View of Bleikøya - In the summer you can see puffins on the bird rock

The tour starts with a short, somewhat more strenuous climb. If you have overcome the more demanding section over the scree, the tour is easy to go and at the destination you will be rewarded with a great 360 degree view.

This hike is suitable for the whole family. The first part of the hike is steep and you should be careful when climbing over the stones. As always, good footwear is a prerequisite! The hike should not be a problem for dogs.

ATTENTION : Take care of your children! The terrain is very steep on the summit and on the edge of the plateau and there are no barriers.

Tour facts:
  • Distance: about 7.6 kilometers from the start of the hike and back there (complete route)
  • Time: 3 to a maximum of 4 hours distance + breaks
  • Best time for this tour: April - September
  • Official difficulty rating of this tour according to Norwegian criteria: "middels" (blue)
  • Parking: The starting point is on road 976. The small parking lot is located between Stave and Bleik, about five kilometers south of Bleik. There is enough space for 5 to 10 cars.
  • All details and further information about the campsite in Bleik

If you need an overnight stay, you can use the following affiliate links * (more in the imprint ) to find the following offers near this hike.

You can get an overview of the different levels of difficulty of hiking in Norway and the importance of the classifications in our detailed article on "Hiking in Norway".


  • Hello you two,
    What a great tour. 👍 had already read your travel report about your autumn tour and noticed the hike, but of course it is even better with the detailed tour description.
    When exactly were you up there? These are really wonderful autumn colors. We also want to take the camper to Lofoten / Vesteralen / Senja in autumn and are currently thinking about when it is best to start our tour.

    Kind regards, Ulrike

    • Hey Ulrike,

      Thank you for the great feedback and that we can provide the inspiration and information for your next trip ... 🙂 We were up there in the first half of October before we went on to the island of Senja. At the end of October we slowly drove back via Finland and Sweden. In 2019 we did it similarly and can now say that autumn is simply a great time for the north. For three years in a row we can still give you the tip to leave around mid-September. It is certainly not statistically reliable, but the first two weeks of September have been stormy and rainy for the past three years. It wasn't until the end of September and in October that we had perfect weather and wonderful colors. At the same time, the first northern lights are already dancing in the sky 🙂

      We wish you exciting preparations and, when the time comes, an unforgettable trip to beautiful Norway,

      Conny and Sirko

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for the fast answer. At the moment we are still tending towards the beginning of September, perhaps with one or two hikes in Sweden on the way north. Just take a look. We definitely want to see the northern lights - we were already fascinated by this during our winter trip to Lofoten in early 2019. 😉 But we also want to take a total of 5 weeks for the vacation. Hopefully there will be one or two northern lights ...

      LG, Ulrike

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