The initial equipment for our van (Part 1: Kitchen)


Find out in this post, what we have in our van on the long road trips through the north of Europe and use.


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No sooner have you configured the vehicle and interior of your van and the order triggered, you face the next major challenge:

What must necessarily on the first trip into the motorhome and is thus part of the basic equipment? Since we opted for a van with only 3.5 tons total weight, we really have to budget with every gram. In this respect, every purchase must be carefully considered and the weight of many articles therefore plays a particularly important role. In addition, we have less storage space in a van than in a larger RV and have to use the available space very efficiently.

We are starting to put together our basic equipment for the panel van. Luckily, you can find almost everything on the internet today. So we searched and saw through various packing lists in the forums, blogs and on different websites. Full in "shopping mood" came soon the disillusionment: Most of the packing lists we find are obviously suitable for campers with much more space and more Zulade weight. Nevertheless, they are a good guide and help us for the first overview and also, so as not to forget anything.

So we pick up paper and pencil, go through our household and note which things we think are part of the basic equipment.

The most important items at a glance:

In our van we have two small wall cabinets with flap, a spice rack, two large and a smaller drawer and a cabinet under the sink available.

By clicking on the following picture you can download all products and recommendations from this article in a clear PDF form as a checklist - to print or online:


We are currently on the road with this equipment and have been able to gather our experience in "hard" everyday life for weeks. All these things find a good place in our cupboards and drawers in the kitchen area of ​​our van. We hope that we have helped you with our equipment and have given suggestions for your own institution.

Are you missing something? Do you have a good tip for us? We are looking forward to your feedback :).


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